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Send 'unhlibrary: <your question>' to 265010 from your mobile phone during Reference Desk hours.
ex: unhlibrary: Do you have books about whales?


Dimond Library

(603) 862-1544
Government Information
(603) 862-1777
Special Collections & Archives
(603) 862-2714
Circulation Desk
(603) 862-3125
(603) 862-3125

Branch Libraries

Biological Sciences Library
(603) 862-1018
Chemistry Library
(603) 862-1083
Engineering / Mathematics / Computer Science Library
(603) 862-1196
Physics Library
(603) 862-2348

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Dimond Reference Desk Screen Names:

AIM and Yahoo!: unhlibrary

Patrons in person have priority over IMs. We will answer as soon as we can. If you aren't receiving an answer, please phone or email us. IM is best for short, factual research questions or questions about policy. Visit or schedule a consultation for more complicated questions.



The Reference Desk and Government Information are on Level 3 (Main Floor) in Dimond Library.

The four science and engineering branch libraries are located in Kendall Hall (Biological Sciences), Parsons Hall (Chemistry), Kingsbury Hall (Engineering, Math, and Computer Science), and DeMeritt Hall (Physics).

Map of library locations | Hours

Schedule a Consultation

Call (603) 862-1544 for an appointment with Reference, (603) 862-1777 for help with Government Information, or to schedule a consult for science/engineering-related questions, email Emily Poworoznek.