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Featured Resource

old map of Virginia
John Smith's Map of Virginia, 1608
Image from Virtual Jamestown

Our current Featured Resource is Mapping Colonial New England: Looking at the Landscape of New England. This resource is part of EDSITEment!, a project of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

This rich and complex treatment of colonial New England through the use of maps will take high school students on a historical journey into the actions and ideas that shaped the early United States. The Lesson itself includes an excellent introduction, a list of Guiding Questions, clear Learning Objectives, some basic Background information, Preparation Instructions for educators who would like to integrate the lesson into their classroom, an overview of Lesson Activities, tools for Assessment, and ideas for Extending the Lesson. Compiled by professors at the City College of New York and built to cover two social studies classroom periods while developing skills in critical analysis, historical analysis, maps, primary resource use, and other areas, this lesson contains everything necessary for an excellent peek into the colonial America.

Internet Scout Research Group. (2016, March 4). "The Scout Report -- Volume 22, Number 9." Retrieved from


Many, but not all, of the above resources can be found through the UNH library catalog or these specialized databases.

Where Are Maps and Air Photos Located?

The Class of 1943 Map Room

  • Located on Level 3 (Main Floor) of Dimond Library
  • Open weekdays from 8 am – 4 pm; weekend hours may be available by special arrangement
  • Map Room maps only circulate to UNH faculty and staff; air photos do not circulate
  • Collections may be browsed
  • One computer is available for public use and one for consultations

Other Map and Geospatial Data Locations

  • Circulating maps and atlases are in the regular stacks and the government documents collection
  • Non-circulating atlases are in the Dimond Library reference collection, near the Map Room
  • CDs and DVDs may be requested from the Government Information Unit or at the Reference Desk; most of these circulate

Geospatial Software

  • Google Earth and topographic map software is available on the Map Room public computer and the two Government Information computers near the Dimond Reference desk
  • ArcGIS is available for use by UNH students, faculty, and staff on cluster computers
  • Additional software is available on the Map Room consultation computer

Library Services

Map Reference Services

  • Reference assistance is available via phone, email or in person
  • The Government Information staff can help locate materials in the UNH collections, assist in searching for online maps or data, and evaluate interlibrary loan options

Geospatial Reference Services

  • Assistance with geospatial software is limited to helping patrons find specific data layers and evaluate them for suitability for specific uses
  • Work with patrons by appointment with ArcGIS, ArcView, Google Earth and some other geospatial products; ArcGIS and ArcView are only available for non-commercial uses
  • Additional assistance is available at the Geospatial Services Center

We are unable to create maps for patrons or help with data analysis.

Other Services

  • The Government Information staff can make arrangements for classes to meet in the Map Room for specific assignments or makes specific materials available for student use in the Map Room outside of class
  • UNH students, faculty and staff may also suggest purchases
  • The ESRC Poster Printing Service in Morse Hall is available to the UNH community and the public for fee-based printing of larger-sized maps.