Data Services

We can help you:

  • find and use statistical information, i.e., summarized data
  • locate raw data sets
  • determine if a data set may be useful

We cannot help you manipulate or analyze data.

We strongly urge patrons with data needs to make an appointment for a consultation.

Data Management

For more about data management planning, data sharing, and compliance with research funding requirements (NSF, NIH), see our Data Management Toolkit.

Data Resources

Most of these resources are produced by the Federal government or other non-commercial sources, and are available to the public as well as the UNH community.

Accessing Data

Data may require specialized software, such as SPSS, SAS, ArcView, or ArcGIS. Many are available on cluster computers. Some purchased data has its own user interface. Many government datasets and some privately produced data sets in our collection are available for use online. Additionally, particularly large geospatial datasets may be available on CD-ROM or DVD.

Our public-access workstations near the Reference Desk and in the Map Room provide access to:

  • Downloaded freely available software and/or data including: ArcExplorer, GoogleEarth and LandView software, and climate and GIS atlases
  • Proprietary software and associated data accessible without UNH ID, including: GeoLytics Census products, MicroAnalyst Census PUMS data
  • Proprietary software and data accessible to those with UNH borrowing privileges, such as MapTech topographic maps.

Purchasing or Acquiring Data

We work with faculty to obtain data sets for the library collection that will be of ongoing use in teaching or research.

Contacts for faculty who wish to make a data request:

Please note that purchases are dependent on available funding, anticipated amount of use, and technical support required.