Network Connections

At all library locations, anyone may use the UNH network to access the internet using a personal laptop or a mobile device. If interested, you may set up your laptop to print.

If you cannot get your laptop to work in the library, visit the AT Support Center, Dimond Library Level 3 (Main Floor).

Wireless Network

Wireless access is available throughout all library locations. Current UNH students, faculty, and staff are strongly encouraged to connect to the UNH-Highspeed Network.

The UNH-Wireless Network is a limited-access network intended for guests and first-time users registering on the UNH network. Access is limited to Web and VPN traffic only.

UNH IT provides more information about UNH wireless access

Ethernet Connection

To connect your laptop to the network, you need a network interface card installed, your own Ethernet cable, and an active Ethernet wall jack or "drop."

Active Ethernet drops are available in all library locations. In Dimond Library, active Ethernet drops are located on Level 2 and at the cluster tables located between the Reference and ATSC desks on the Main Floor. Drops in the reading rooms are set into the apron at one end of the designated study tables. Drops in the stacks are wall-mounted, and the active ports are designated with a bright orange hood or an orange circle.

The configurations detailed in the instructions below may only work within library locations, so you may need to reconfigure your laptop computer if you try to use it elsewhere. You should write down any existing TCP/IP configurations before changing them, just in case.