Subject Librarians & Department Representatives

What Does a Subject Librarian Do?

Subject librarians serve as the primary library contact for UNH departments. Subject librarians work with department faculty, staff, and students to provide instruction and research assistance and to develop library collections.

Subject librarians are available to:

  • Attend department meetings
  • Update faculty about new services and resources
  • Provide in-depth research consultation services
  • Respond to feedback from the department about collection and other concerns
  • Work with departments to make our information systems more approachable to students, and to integrate library resources
Department Subject Librarian Department Representative
Anthropology Eleta Exline Robin Sheriff
(603) 862-2162
Art Jennifer Carroll Jennifer Moses
(603) 862-2497
Biological Sciences Megan Bresnahan Janet Anderson
(603) 617-6445
Carsey School of Public Policy Louise Buckley Jessica Carson
(603) 862-3215
Chemical Engineering Emily Poworoznek Russ Carr
(603) 862-1429
Chemistry Emily Poworoznek Anyin Li & Craig Chapman
(756) 237-1695 / (603) 862-1692 /
Civil Engineering Emily Poworoznek Robin Collins
(603) 862-1440
Classics Barry Hennessey Richard Clairmont
(603) 862-3130
Communication Louise Buckley Josh Lauer
(603) 862-3037
Communication Sciences and Disorders Eugenia Liu Donna Schefer
(603) 862-2729
Computer Science Emily Poworoznek Wheeler Ruml
(603) 862-2683
Earth Science Hannah Hamalainen Jo Laird
(603) 862-3140
Earth, Oceans, and Space (EOS) Hannah Hamalainen
Education Louise Buckley Elyse Hambacher & Hadley Solomon
(603) 862-5264 / (603) 862-2310 /
Electrical and Computer Engineering Emily Poworoznek Mike Carter
(603) 862-4328
Engineering & Physical Sciences Libraries Emily Poworoznek Emily Poworoznek
English Kathrine C. Aydelott David Watters
(603) 862-3983
ESL Institute Katherine Earley
(603) 862-5109
Film Elizabeth Slomba Piero Garofalo
(603) 862-3769
French Barry Hennessey Ileana Chirila
(603) 862-1303 (voicemail only)
Geography Hannah Hamalainen Jennifer Brewer
(603) 862-7052
German Barry Hennessey Edward Larkin
(603) 862-4736
Government Information Louise Buckley Louise Buckley
Health Management and Policy Eugenia Liu Mark Bonica
(603) 862-0598
History Bill Ross Bill Harris
(603) 862-3019
History of Science Bill Ross Jan Golinski
(603) 862-3789
Human Development and Family Studies Eugenia Liu Jill M. Trumbell
(603) 862-5499
Humanities Program Barry Hennessey Catherine Peebles
(603) 862-3638
Italian Barry Hennessey Piero Garofalo
(603) 862-3769
Kinesiology Eugenia Liu Daniel Sedory
(603) 862-1831
Library Science Louise Buckley Jennifer Carroll
Linguistics Sarah Theimer Sean Madigan
(603) 862-1313
Maps & Data Hannah Hamalainen Louise Buckley
Materials Science Emily Poworoznek James Krzanowski
(603) 862-2315
Mathematics Emily Poworoznek David Feldman
(603) 862-2692
Mechanical Engineering Emily Poworoznek John McHugh
(603) 862-1899
Molecular, Cellular & Biomedical Sciences Megan Bresnahan Thomas Pistole
(603) 862-2250
Music Elizabeth Slomba Robert Haskins
(603) 862-2404
Natural Resources and the Environment Hannah Hamalainen Kelly Cullen
(603) 862-4811
Natural Resources and the Environment Megan Bresnahan Kelly Cullen
(603) 862-4811
Nursing Eugenia Liu Gene Harkless
(603) 862-2285
Occupational Therapy Eugenia Liu John Wilcox
(603) 862-5287
Paul College of Business and Economics Wendy Jo Girven Rachel Campagna
(603) 862-5365
Philosophy Elizabeth Slomba Ruth Sample
(603) 862-3074
Physics Emily Poworoznek Jiadong Zang
(603) 862-1395
Political Science Louise Buckley Andrew Smith
(603) 862-2226
Psychology Louise Buckley Benjamin Harris
(603) 862-4107
Recreation Management and Policy Eugenia Liu Michael Ferguson
(603) 862-2722
Reference Kathrine C. Aydelott Kathrine Aydelott
Russian Barry Hennessey Arna Bronstein
(603) 862-3445 (voicemail only)
Social Work Eugenia Liu R. William Lusenhop
(603) 862-0215
Sociology Eleta Exline Michele Dillon
Spanish Barry Hennessey Scott Weintraub
(603) 862-3098
Special Collections Bill Ross Bill Ross
Student and Academic Services John T. Kirkpatrick
Sustainability Megan Bresnahan Jennifer Carroll
Teaching Excellence Louise Buckley
Theatre and Dance Val Harper David Kaye
(603) 862-0667
Thompson School Megan Bresnahan Steve Tuttle
(603) 862-1021
Veterans Affairs Barry Hennessey Karen Gilbert
(603) 862-2053
Women's Studies Joelle Ryan
(603) 862-0271

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