Where to Print

Printers are located in all libraries. In Dimond Library, they are on Level Three near the public computers, Level Two in the NSRC, and Level One.

Printing is available from:


  • Black & white: $0.10 per page; $0.15 for double-sided
  • Color: $0.50 per page; $0.75 for double-sided

Cost may differ for other than letter-sized paper.

How to Pay

Cat's Cache is required for printing in the UNH library.

To get Cat's Cache:

Students can add value to their UNH ID card at any of the "Add Value" machines around campus.

Guests can purchase and add value to a guest card at any of the "Add Value" machines around campus.

An "Add Value" machine is located in Dimond Library, near the Reference Desk. The machine takes credit card or cash (no coins).

It is possible to print without your ID, by entering your ID number manually. When entering your ID number manually instead of swiping your card at a print workstation, you must include the Issue number from your ID card; for example, If your ID number is 9xxxxxxxx and your issue number is 01, you must enter 9xxxxxxxx01 on the card reader.