Traditional Jazz Series

Dorothy Prescott, in collaboration with the UNH Music Department, inaugurated the Traditional Jazz Series of concerts in 1979 as a way to promote the enjoyment and understanding of the art of jazz. The series features musicians of regional, national, and international prominence and has become an important tradition at the University.


The New Hampshire Library of Traditional Jazz has sponsored more than 200 concerts to date featuring eminent musicians such as Clark Terry, Benny Carter, Dave McKenna, Lee Konitz, Marian McPartland, Nicholas Payton, Doc Cheatham, Vic Dickenson, Frank Wess, and Red Norvo. Famous groups performing include the New Black Eagles Jazz Band, the Galvanized Jazz Band, Ray Smith's Paramount Jazz Band of Boston, and the Artie Shaw Orchestra.

The concert listings below include links to the program notes, eloquently written by Paul Verrette, pianist and Professor Emeritus of the UNH Music Department.

Verette writes of the program notes, "these brief essays relate to precious moments in time… which by their very nature lovingly celebrate the manifold gifts and mysteries of this glorious living art, long freed from its entrapment in the vagaries of the popular culture. Perhaps even in silent scrutiny they will provoke thought about the criteria for identifying those values which endure, as well as those properties which have caused many a foot to tap."


# Date Title Performers Program Notes Recording
1October 15, 1979Dave McKennaDave McKenna (piano)PDF
2December 3, 1979Jerry Fuller and FriendsJerry Fuller (clarinet), Don Doane (trombone), Tom Gallant (piano), Whit Browne (bass), Alan Dawson (drums)PDF
3February 18, 1980Yankee Rhythm KingsBob Connors (trombone), Dave Whitney (trumpet), Paul Monat (trumpet), Blair Bettencourt (clarinet), Don Bennett (piano), Cal Owen (banjo), Stu Gunn (tuba), Ray Smith (drums)PDF
4March 24, 1980The New Black Eagle Jazz BandTony Pringle (cornet), Stan McDonald (clarinet, soprano saxophone), Stan Vincent (trombone), Eli Newberger (tuba), Cees Hans Pameijer (drums), Bob Pilsbury (piano), Peter Bullis (banjo)PDF
5September 15, 1980Vic and DocVic Dickenson (trombone), Doc Cheatham (trumpet, vocals), Red Richards (piano, vocals), Whit Browne (bass), Alan Dawson (drums)PDF
6October 27, 1980Magnolia Jazz BandJim Borkenhagen (trumpet), Bill Carter (clarinet), Jim Klippert (trombone), Dan Ruedger (banjo, vocals), Robbie Schlosser (leader, string bass), Jeff Hamilton (drums)PDF
7December 1, 1980Jimmy Mazzy SingsJimmy Mazzy (banjo, vocals), Stan McDonald (clarinet, soprano saxophone), Bill Whitcraft (piano), Hank Hankinson (string bass), Carol Moeller (piano)PDF
8January 26, 1981Dick Wellstood: AloneDick Wellstood (piano)PDF
9April 13, 1981The Yankee Rhythm KingsBob Connors (leader, trombone), Dave Whitney (trumpet), Paul Monat (trumpet), Blair Bettencourt (clarinet), Don Bennett (piano), Cal Owen (banjo), Stu Gunn (tuba), Ray Smith (drums)PDF
10September 21, 1981Mike Markaverich & Jack BumerMike Markaverich (piano), Jack Bumer (piano)PDF
11November 9, 1981The Original Salty Dogs & Carol LeighCarol Leigh (vocals), Lew Green (cornet), Kim Cusack (clarinet), Tom Bartlett (trombone), John Cooper (piano), Jack Kuncl (banjo), Mike Walbridge (tuba), Wayne Jones (drums)PDF
12November 30, 1981The Red Norvo TrioRed Norvo (vibraphone), Tal Farlow (guitar), Steve Novosel (bass)PDF
13February 1, 1982The Dave Whitney Jazz BandDave Whitney (trumpet, fluegelhorn, vocals), Ernie Clark (trombone), Art Bartol (clarinet, tenor saxophone, violin), Don Bennett (piano), Steve Blair (string bass), Roy D'Innocenzo (guitar), Chuck Laire (drums)PDF
14March 8, 1982The Incomparable Dave McKenna: Alone at the PianoDave McKenna (piano)PDF
15April 12, 1982The New Black Eagle Jazz BandTony Pringle (cornet. leader), Hugh Blackwell (clarinet), Stan Vincent (trombone), Bob Pilsbury (piano), Peter Bullis (banjo), Eli Newberger (tuba), Pam Pameijer (drums)PDF
16September 20, 1982The Red Norvo TrioRed Norvo (vibraphone), Tal Farlow (guitar), Steve Novosel (bass)PDF
17October 11, 1982The Buck Creek Jazz BandJim Ridder (cornet, co-leader), Frank Mesich (trombone, co-leader), John Skillman (clarinet), Rick Cordrey (piano), Jerry Addicott (banjo), John Wood (tuba), Gil Brown (drums)PDF
18November 15, 1982One More Time: Dave McKenna, Alone at the PianoDave McKenna (piano)PDF
19December 6, 1982All Strung OutJack Bumer (piano), Gray Sargent (guitar), Marshall Wood (bass), Frank Shea (drums)PDF
20March 14, 1983Don Ewell: Striding at the PianoDon Ewell (piano)PDF
21April 25, 1983Jimmy Mazzy's Jam SessionJimmy Mazzy (banjo, vocals), Scott Philbrick (cornet), Ike Roberts (alto saxophone), Bob Pilsbury (piano), Marshall Wood (string bass)PDF
22September 12, 1983The Blue ThreeDick Wellstood (piano), Kenny Davern (clarinet), Chuck Riggs (drums)PDF
23October 10, 1983The White Heat Swing OrchestraCraig Ball (leader), remaining personnel undisclosedPDF
24November 7, 1983Mike Markaverich: Solo PianoMike Markaverich (piano)PDF
25December 5, 1983All Strings AttachedGray Sargent (guitar), Jack Bumer (piano), Marshall Wood (bass)PDF
26January 30, 1984The Tommy Gallant QuartetTommy Gallant (piano), Jerry Fuller (clarinet), Dick Creeden (cornet), Jim Howe (bass)PDF
27February 27, 1984The MainstreamWarren Vaché (cornet), Scott Hamilton (tenor saxophone), Jack Bumer (piano), Jack Lesberg (string bass), Chuck Riggs (drums)PDF
28April 2, 1984The Dave Whitney QuintetDave Whitney (trumpet, flugelhorn, vocals), Art Bartol (clarinet, tenor saxophone, violin), Gray Sargent (guitar), Ken Steiner (string bass), Chuck Laire (drums)PDF
29September 17, 1984The Rent Party RevellersTex Wyndham (cornet), Ray Heitger (clarinet, soprano saxophone), Roger Munnell (trombone), John Schober (alto saxophone, C-melody saxophone), Dick Shoosan (piano), Jim Riley (banjo), Chuck Stewart (tuba), Ray Smith (drums)PDF
30October 15, 1984Doc and Hutch with the TJS QuartetDoc Cheatham (trumpet), Clarence Hutchenrider (clarinet), Jack Bumer (piano), Gray Sargent (guitar), Marshall Wood (bass), Chuck Laire (drums)PDF
31November 12, 1984Dick Hyman: Historic PianoDick Hyman (piano)PDF
32December 3, 1984The White Heat Swing OrchestraCraig Ball (leader), remaining personnel undisclosedPDF
33February 11, 1985Jack Bumer: No Easy PiecesJack Bumer (piano)PDF
34March 11, 1985Ray Smith's Decades of JazzJimmy Mazzy (banjo, vocals), Jeff Hughes (cornet), John Battis (clarinet), Richard Giordano (piano), Al Ehrenfried (bass), Ray Smith (drums)PDF
35April 15, 1985Ruby Braff with the TJS QuartetRuby Braff (trumpet, cornet), Jack Bumer (piano), Gray Sargent (guitar), Marshall Wood (bass), Chuck Laire (drums)PDF
36September 23, 1985The Red Norvo TrioRed Norvo (vibraharp), Tal Farlow (guitar), Steve Novosel (bass)PDF
37October 14, 1985Eli and JimmyEli Newberger (tuba), Jimmy Mazzy (banjo, vocals)PDF
38November 11, 1985Bud FreemanBud Freeman (tenor saxophone), Dick Creeden (cornet), Tommy Gallant (piano), Marshall Wood (string bass), Chuck Laire (drums)PDF
39December 9, 1985The Classic Jazz QuartetDick Sudhalter (cornet), Joe Muranyi (clarinet), Marty Grosz (guitar), Dick Wellstood (piano)PDF
40February 10, 1986Butch Thompson: Solo PianoButch Thompson (piano)PDF
41March 10, 1986The Jerry Fuller SwingtetJerry Fuller (clarinet), Lou Magnano (vibraphone), Dave McKenna (piano), Gray Sargent (guitar), Marshall Wood (string bass), Chuck Laire (drums)PDF
42April 14, 1986Bob Wilber and Milt HintonBob Wilber (clarinet, soprano saxophone), Milt Hinton (string bass), Gray Sargent (guitar), Chuck Laire (drums)PDF
43May 12, 1986Chicago RhythmFrank Powers (clarinet), John Otto (alto saxophone, clarinet), Ted Des Plantes (piano), Jack Meilahn (banjo, guitar), Vince Giordano (tuba), Hal Smith (drums)PDF
44September 15, 1986The White Heat Swing Orchestra, directed by Craig BallCraig Ball (clarinet), Michael Peipman (trumpet), John Purcell (alto saxophone), Tom Lindsey (trumpet), Jay Branford (alto saxophone, tenor saxophone), Dave Whitney (trumpet), Scott Robinson (tenor saxophone), John Pierce (trombone), John Wheatley (guitar), John Turner (string bass), Joe Mulholland (piano), Dave Bragdon (drums)PDF
45October 13, 1986The Butch Thompson–Jimmy Mazzy QuartetButch Thompson (piano), Jimmy Mazzy (banjo, vocals), Marshall Wood (string bass), Stuart Grover (drums)PDF
46November 17, 1986The South Frisco Jazz BandLeon Oakley (cornet), Dan Comins (cornet), Mike Baird (clarinet, saxophone), Jim Snyder (trombone), Rob Rhodes (piano), Bob Rann (tuba), Bob Raggio (washboard), Vince Saunders (banjo, leader)PDF
47December 8, 1986Art Hodes: Solo PianoArt Hodes (piano)PDF
48February 9, 1987Tommy Gallant and Paul Verrette: Two PianosTommy Gallant (piano), Paul Verrette (piano)PDF
49March 9, 1987The Gray Sargent TrioGray Sargent (guitar), Marshall Wood (string bass), Chuck Laire (drums)PDF
50April 13, 1987Ray Smith's Paramount Jazz BandJeff Hughes (cornet), Roy Superior (clarinet, soprano saxophone), Steve Wright (reeds), Robin Verdier (piano), Jimmy Mazzy (banjo, vocals), Chuck Stewart (tuba), Ray Smith (drums)PDF
51September 14, 1987The Dave Whitney QuintetDave Whitney (trumpet, vocals), Lou Magnano (vibraharp), Jon Wheatley (guitar), Marshall Wood (string bass), Chuck Laire (drums)PDF
52October 19, 1987Mike Markaverich: Solo PianoMike Markaverich (piano)PDF
53November 16, 1987The Bob Wilber QuintetBob Wilber (clarinet, soprano saxophone), Mark Shane (piano), Gray Sargent (guitar), Whit Browne (string bass), Frank Shea (drums)PDF
54December 7, 1987The Paradise City Jazz BandDave Pinardi (cornet, trumpet), Jim Fryer (trombone), Tom McClung (piano), Dave Huxtable (banjo, guitar), Richard Downs (tuba, string bass), Phil Ori (drums)PDF
55February 8, 1988Jay McShann and Ralph Sutton: Two PianosJay McShann (piano), Ralph Sutton (piano)PDF
56March 7, 1988Jimmy Mazzy and Friends Explore the BanjoJimmy Mazzy (banjo, vocals), Scott Philbrick (banjo, cornet), Bill Whitcraft (banjo, piano), Stuart Grover (drums)PDF
57April 11, 1988The Herb Pomeroy BandHerb Pomeroy (trumpet, leader), Jay Daly (trumpet), Greg Hopkins (trumpet), Paul Fontaine (trumpet), Gene DiStasio (trombone), Dave Chapman (reeds), Mark Pinto (reeds), Mike Monaghan (reeds), Tom Ferrante (reeds), Paul Schmeling (rhythm), John Ripucci (rhythm), Artie Cabral (rhythm), Joe McPherson (vocals)PDF
58September 12, 1988The Bourbon Street Paraders, directed by Lee ChildsLee Childs (clarinet, leader), Bob Connors (trombone), Michael Lavigniac (banjo), Stu Gunn (tuba), Gary Johnson (drums)PDF
59October 10, 1988The Benny Carter QuintetBenny Carter (alto saxophone), James Williams (piano), Gray Sargent (guitar), Whit Browne (string bass), Alan Dawson (drums)PDF
60November 21, 1988The Hot Antic Jazz Band, from Nimes, FranceMichel Bastide (cornet, trombone), Jean-Francois Bonnel (reeds), Virgine Bonnel (reeds), Stephane Matthey (piano), Jean-Pierre Dubois (banjo), Christian Lefevre (tuba)PDF
61February 6, 1989Harry Allen and Randy Reinhart with the Tom Gallant TrioHarry Allen (tenor saxophone), Randy Reinhart (trumpet), Tom Gallant (piano), Jim Howe (string bass), Les Harris, Sr. (drums)PDF
62March 6, 1989Dave McKenna: At the SteinwayDave McKenna (piano)PDF
63April 10, 1989Jimmy Mazzy and FriendsJimmy Mazzy (banjo, vocals), Jeff Hughes (cornet), Billy Novick (clarinet), Robin Verdier (piano), Eli Newberger (tuba)PDF
64September 11, 1989The New Black Eagle Jazz BandTony Pringle (cornet, leader), Billy Novick (clarinet, saxophones), Stan Vincent (trombone), Bob Pilsbury (piano), Peter Bullis (banjo), Eli Newberger (tuba), Pam Pameijer (drums)PDF
65October 30, 1989Peanuts HuckoPeanuts Hucko (clarinet), Dick Creeden (cornet), Tom Gallant (piano), Jim Howe (string bass), Les Harris, Sr. (drums)PDF
66November 27, 1989The Gray Sargent TrioGray Sargent (guitar), Marshall Wood (string bass), Chuck Laire (drums)PDF
67January 29, 1990The Milt Hinton Quartet, featuring Andy McGheeMilt Hinton (string bass), Andy McGhee (tenor saxophone), Paul Broadnax (piano), Alan Dawson (drums)PDF
68February 26, 1990The Howard Alden TrioHoward Alden (guitar), Dan Barrett (trombone), Marshall Wood (bass)PDF
69March 26, 1990The Butch Thompson TrioButch Thompson (piano), Bill Evans (bass), Hal Smith (drums)PDF
70April 30, 1990Vince Giordano's New Orleans NighthawksPeter Ecklund (1st trumpet), Chris Pasin (2nd trumpet), Herb Gardner (trombone), Dan Block (1st saxophone), Dave Riekenberg (2nd saxophone), Scott Robinson (3rd saxophone), Jeremy Kahn (piano), Rich Lieberson (guitar, banjo), Arnie Kinsella (drums), Vince Giordano (tuba, bass sax, string bass, leader)PDF
71September 10, 1990Milt & ClarkMilt Hinton (bass), Clark Terry (trumpet, flugelhorn), Gray Sargent (guitar)PDF
72October 15, 1990The Buck Clayton Swing BandTed Nash (saxophone), Lew Tabackin (saxophone), Doug Lawrence (saxophone), Joe Temperley (saxophone), Bobby Pring (trombone), Matt Finders (trombone), Byron Stripling (trumpet), Randy Sandke (trumpet), John Eckert (trumpet), Dick Katz (piano), James Chirillo (guitar), Murray Wall (bass), Dennis Mackrel (drums), Buck Clayton (leader, composer, arranger)PDF
73November 19, 1990Dick Hyman: Solo PianoDick Hyman (piano)PDF
74February 4, 1991Johnny Mince with the Tom Gallant TrioJohnny Mince (clarinet), Tommy Gallant (piano), Jim Howe (bass), Les Harris, Sr. (drums)PDF
75March 4, 1991The Dave Whitney QuintetDave Whitney (trumpet, vocals), John Battis (reeds), Jon Wheatley (guitar), Peter Kontrimas (string bass), John Nuckols (drums)PDF
76April 1, 1991The Howard Alden–Dan Barrett QuintetHoward Alden (guitar), Dan Barrett (trombone), Chuck Wilson (alto sax, clarinet), Frank Tate (string bass), Jackie Williams (drums)PDF
77May 6, 1991Ray Smith's Paramount Jazz BandScott Philbrick (cornet), Gary Rodberg (clarinet, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone), Steve Wright (reeds, cornet), Robin Verdier (piano), Chuck Stewart (tuba), Jimmy Mazzy (banjo, vocals), Ray Smith (drums, leader)PDF
78September 16, 1991The White Heat Swing Orchestra, directed by Craig BallCraig Ball (clarinet,leader), Michael Peipman (trumpet), Dave Ballou (trumpet), Dave Whitney (trumpet), John Purcell (alto sax), Scot Mullett (tenor sax), Marc Phaneuf (tenor sax), Scott Robinson (tenor sax), John Pierce (trombone), Rick Stepton (trombone), Michael Wingerter (guitar), Corey Eisenberg (piano), Mark Carlsen (bass), Dave Bragdon (drums)PDF
79October 28, 1991The Doc Cheatham QuartetDoc Cheatham (trumpet, vocals), Chuck Folds (piano), Bucky Calabrese (bass), Jackie Williams (drums)PDF
80November 25, 1991Frank Wess with the Milt Hinton TrioFrank Wess (tenor saxophone, flute), Milt Hinton (bass), Derek Smith (piano), Bobby Rosengarden (drums)PDF
81February 3, 1992Guitar Summit: Gray Sargent and Howard AldenHoward Alden (guitar), Gray Sargent (guitar), Marshall Wood (bass), Les Harris, Jr. (drums)PDF
82March 2, 1992Dave McKennaDave McKenna (piano)PDF
83March 30, 1992Peter Appleyard & FriendsPeter Appleyard (vibraphone), Jay Leonhart (bass), John Bunch (piano), Denis Mackrel (drums)PDF
84May 4, 1992The Galvanized Jazz BandFred Vigorito (cornet), Noel Kaletsky (clarinet, saxophone), Herb Gardner (trombone), Bill Sinclair (piano), Bill Lezotte (banjo, guitar), Art Hovey (tuba, string bass), Bob Bequillard (drums), Jane Campedelli (vocals)PDF
85October 5, 1992Summit Reunion: Bob Wilber and Kenny DavernBob Wilber (soprano saxophone, clarinet), Kenny Davern (soprano saxophone, clarinet), Howard Alden (guitar), Marshall Wood (string bass), Les Harris, Jr. (drums)PDF
86November 2, 1992Mike Markaverich: Solo PianoMike Markaverich (piano)PDF
87November 30, 1992Harold Ashby with Dave Trefethen & the Tom Gallant TrioHarold Ashby (tenor saxophone), Dave Trefethen (guitar), Tom Gallant (piano), Jim Howe (bass), Les Harris, Sr. (drums)PDF
88February 1, 1993The Paradise City Jazz BandDave Pinardi (cornet, trumpet), Tim Atherton (trombone), Tom McClung (piano), Dave Huxtable (banjo, guitar), Richard Downs (tuba, string bass), Phil Ori (drums)PDF
89March 8, 1993The Donna Byrne QuintetDonna Byrne (vocals), Herb Pomeroy (trumpet), Gray Sargent (guitar), Marshall Wood (bass), Jack Menna (drums)PDF
90April 5, 1993Jimmy Mazzy, Eli Newberger, and FriendsJimmy Mazzy (banjo, vocals), Eli Newberger (tuba), Jeff Hughes (cornet), Billy Novick (clarinet), Robin Verdier (piano)PDF
91May 3, 1993Ed Polcer & the Condon ConnectionEd Polcer (cornet), Allan Vaché (clarinet), Tom Artin (trombone), Jeremy Kahn (piano), Frank Tate (bass), Joe Ascione (drums)PDF
92September 13, 1993The Ellington Legacy: Grover Mitchell OrchestraJerry Dodgion (reeds), Frank Wess (reeds), Howard Kimbo (reeds), Pablo Caloger (reeds), Byron Stripling (brass), Cecil Bridgewater (brass), John Eckert (brass), Grover Mitchell (brass, leader), Herb Besson (brass), Mark Taylor (brass), Mike Abene (piano), Earl May (bass), Dennis Mackrel (drums). Milt Grayson (vocals)PDF
93October 18, 1993Dave McKenna, piano; Carl Fontana, tromboneDave McKenna (piano), Carl Fontana (trombone)PDF
94November 22, 1993The Hot Antic Jazz Band, from Nimes, FranceMichel Bastide (cornet, trombone), Phillip Rastail (reeds), Bernard Antherieu (reeds), Stephane Matthey (piano), Jean-Pierre Dubois (banjo), Christian Lefevre (tuba), Stephen Joseph (washboard)PDF
95January 31, 1994Scott Robinson: Tenor Sax (and then some)Scott Robinson (tenor saxophone), Richard Wyands (piano), Gray Sargent (guitar), Marshall Wood (bass), Les Harris, Jr. (drums)PDF
96February 28, 1994New England Summit: Jeff Stout, Brad Terry & George Masso with the Tommy Gallant TrioJeff Stout (trumpet), Brad Terry (clarinet), George Masso (trombone), Tommy Gallant (piano), Jim Howe (bass), Les Harris, Sr. (drums)PDF
97November 28, 1994Hank Jones TrioHank Jones (piano), John Burr (bass), Alan Dawson (drums)PDF
98April 25, 1994The New Black Eagle Jazz BandTony Pringle (cornet, leader), Billy Novick (clarinet, saxophones), Stan Vincent (trombone), Bob Pilsbury (piano), Peter Bullis (banjo), Eli Newberger (tuba), Pam Pameijer (drums)PDF
99September 12, 1994The Doc Cheatham Quartet plus Ed HubbleDoc Cheatham (trumpet, vocals), Chuck Folds (piano), Bucky Calabrese (bass), Jackie Williams (drums), Ed Hubble (trombone)PDF
100October 17, 1994Basic BasieHarry "Sweets" Edison (trumpet), Marshall Royal (alto saxophone), Milt Hinton (bass), James Williams (piano), Dennis Mackrel (drums), Clark Terry (trumpet)PDF
101November 21, 1994The Friends of Dorothy PrescottDave Whitney (trumpet), Billy Novick (reeds), Jimmy Mazzy (banjo), Robin Verdier (piano), Eli Newberger (tuba), Ray Smith (drums)PDF
102January 30, 1995Peter Appleyard QuintetPeter Appleyard (vibraphone), Rick Wilkins(tenor saxophone), Bill Mays (piano), Lynn Seaton (bass), Alan Dawson (drums)PDF
103February 27, 1995Ed Polcer & CompanyEd Polcer (cornet), Tad Schull (reeds), Tom Artin (trombone), Mark Shane (piano), Leonard Gaskin (bass), Joe Ascione (drums)PDF
104April 10, 1995Dick HymanDick Hyman (piano)PDF
105May 8, 1995Howard Alden, guitar; Ken Peplowski, clarinetHoward Alden (guitar), Ken Peplowski (clarinet)PDF
106September 18, 1995Ed Polcer's Midtown JazzEd Polcer (cornet), Harry Allen (reeds), Tom Artin (trombone), Mark Shane (piano), Frank Tate (bass)PDF
107October 16, 1995Barry Harris: PianoBarry Harris (piano)PDF
108November 13, 1995Plunger Summit: Snooky Young, Al Grey and Prof. Clark TerryClark Terry (trumpet, flugelhorn), Snooky Young (trumpet), Al Grey (trombone), Don Friedman (piano), Gray Sargent (guitar), Marshall Wood (bass), Les Harris Jr. (drums)PDF
109January 29, 1996The New Black Eagle Jazz Band: Celebrating its 25th SeasonTony Pringle (cornet), Billy Novick (clarinet, reeds), Stan Vincent (trombone), Bob Pilsbury (piano), Peter Bullis (banjo), Don Kenney (bass), John Russell (drums)PDF
110February 19, 1996Donna Byrne, vocals; Dave McKenna, pianoDonna Byrne (vocals), Dave McKenna (piano)PDF
111April 8, 1996Harry Meets Milt (and Howard, too)Harry Allen (tenor saxophone), Howard Alden (guitar), Milt Hinton (bass), Tom Gallant (piano), Les Harris, Sr. (drums)PDF
112May 6, 1996The Buddy DeFranco QuintetBuddy DeFranco (clarinet), Joe Cohn (guitar), Ray Santisi (piano) John Lockwood (bass), Les Harris, Jr, (drums)PDF
113September 16, 1996The Frank Wess Octet with Carol SloaneFrank Wess (reeds), Scott Robinson (reeds), Byron Stripling (trumpet), Greg Gisbert (trumpet), Steve Turré (trombone), Richard Wyands (piano), Lynn Seaton (bass), Joe Ascione (drums), Carol Sloane (vocals)PDF
114October 21, 1996Benny Waters with Howard Alden and the Tom Gallant TrioBenny Waters (reeds, vocals). Howard Alden (guitar), Tom Gallant (piano), Jim Howe (bass), Les Harris, Jr. (drums)PDF
115December 2, 1996Billy Novick's Shades of Swing, featuring Herb PomeroyBilly Novick (reeds), Herb Pomeroy (trumpet), Chris Neville (piano), David Clark (bass), Bill Reynolds (drums)PDF
116February 10, 1997Classic Jazz Epochs: The Music of W. C. Handy and Jelly Roll MortonJim Fryer (trombone, cornet, euphonium, tuba), Jeff Barnhart (piano, vocals)PDF
117March 1, 1997The Tommy Flanagan Trio: A Program Dedicated to the Memory of Ella Fitzgerald (1918-1996)Tommy Flanagan (piano), Peter Washington (bass), Lewis Nash (drums)PDF
118April 14, 1997The Bucky Pizzarelli TrioBucky Pizzarelli (guitar), John Bunch (piano), Jay Leonhart (bass)PDF
119May 5, 1997The Clarinet Family Summit: Dick Johnson & John LaPortaJohn LaPorta (clarinet), Dick Johnson (clarinet), Gary Johnson (drums), Gray Sargent (guitar), Marshall Wood (bass), Tom Gallant (piano)PDF
120September 15, 1997The Songs that Louis and Ella Sang: The Clark Terry Quintet with Carol SloaneClark Terry (trumpet, flugelhorn, vocals), Dave Glasser (alto saxophone), Don Friedman (piano), Marcus McLaurine (bass), Sylvia Cuenca (drums), Carol Sloane (vocals)PDF
121October 6, 1997The M'N'M TrioJimmy Mazzy (banjo, vocals), Eli Newberger (tuba), Joe Muranyi (clarinet, vocals)PDF
122November 10, 1997Paul Broadnax & FriendsPaul Broadnax (piano, vocals), Fred Haas (tenor saxophone), Dave Trefethen (guitar), Peter Kontrimas (bass)PDF
123December 1, 1997The Artie Shaw Orchestra, directed by Dick JohnsonDick Johnson (clarinet), Dave Chapman (reeds), Ken Reid (reeds), Tim McCall (reeds), Marc Phaneuf (reeds), Jerry Vejmola (reeds), Mike Piepman (trumpet), Phil Person (trumpet), Phil Grenadier (trumpet), Dennis Perriccio (trumpet), Jeff Galindo (trombone), Tim Kelly (trombone), Leslie Havens (trombone), Joe Delaney (piano), Bronek Suchanek (bass), Gary Johnson (drums)PDF
124February 2, 1998Brad Terry, clarinet; Joachim Mencel, pianoBrad Terry (clarinet), Joachim Mencel (piano)PDF
125March 9, 1998The Galvanized Jazz Band with Spiegle WillcoxFred Vigorito (cornet), Russ Whitman (reeds), George Masso (trombone), Bill Sinclair (piano), Dave Huxtable (banjo, guitar), Art Hovey (tuba, bass), Bob Bequillard (drums), Spiegle Willcox (trombone, vocals)PDF
126April 6, 1998James Williams: Solo SteinwayJames Williams (piano)PDF
127May 4, 1998"Fiddler" and his FriendsClaude Williams (violin), Bill Easley (reeds), Gray Sargent (guitar), Marshall Wood (bass), Les Harris, Sr. (drums)PDF
128September 14, 1998The New Black Eagle Jazz BandTony Pringle (cornet), Billy Novick (clarinet, reeds), Stan Vincent (trombone), Bob Pilsbury (piano), Peter Bullis (banjo), Eli Newberger (tuba), Bill Reynolds (drums)PDF
129October 19, 1998Donna Byrne & CompanyDonna Byrne (vocals), Marshall Wood (bass), Tim Ray (piano), Jim Gwin (drums), Mike Monaghan (tenor saxophone)PDF
130November 9, 1998Senior ClassAl Grey (trombone), Jane Jarvis (piano), Clark Terry (trumpet, flugelhorn), John Hunter (bass), Les Harris, Jr. (drums)PDF
131January 25, 1999Bob WilberBob Wilber (clarinet, reeds), Mark Shane (piano), Jim Howe (bass), Les Harris, Sr. (drums)PDF
132March 1, 1999The New York PerspectiveDick Oates (reeds), Mike Abene (piano), John Lockwood (bass), Bob Gullotti (drums)PDF
133April 5, 1999Dick Hyman: Comprehensive PianoDick Hyman (piano)PDF
134September 13, 1999The Real Herb Pomeroy Quintet, featuring John La PortaHerb Pomeroy (trumpet, flugelhorn), John La Porta (reeds), Paul Schmeling (piano), Artie Cabral (drums), John Repucci (bass)PDF
135October 25, 1999The Men They Will Become, featuring Jimmy Mazzy, Butch Thompson and Eli NewbergerJimmy Mazzy (banjo, vocals), Butch Thompson (piano), Eli Newberger (tuba)PDF
136November 22, 1999The Prodigious Kenny WernerKenny Werner (piano)PDF
137January 24, 2000A Tribute to Red NorvoEd Saindon (vibraphone), Steve Novosel (bass), Howard Alden (guitar)PDF
138February 28, 2000Fabulous Fiddle Fest: Three GenerationsClaude Williams (violin), Lesa Terry (violin), Billy Contreras (violin), Paul Verrette (piano), David Newsam (guitar), John Hunter (bass), Les Harris, Jr. (drums)PDF
139April 10, 2000Do Nothing 'Til You Hear From UsBuddy DeFranco (clarinet), Dave McKenna (piano), Joe Cohn (guitar)PDF
140May 1, 2000In Memory of the Late Al Grey (1925-2000)Benny Powell (trombone), Ronnie Mathews (piano), Earl May (bass)PDF
141September 11, 2000The Bobby Lewis QuartetBobby Lewis (trumpet), Jim Ryan (piano), Thomas Kini (bass), Les Harris Jr. (drums)PDF
142October 2, 2000The Frank Wess Quartet, featuring Sir Roland HannaFrank Wess (tenor saxophone, flute), Sir Roland Hanna (piano), Ray Drummond (bass), Tony Jefferson (drums)PDF
143October 30, 2000Bob Wilber Presents the Music of Fletcher Henderson, with members of the Seacoast Big Band prepared by Dave SeilerBob Wilber (clarinet), Seacoast Big BandPDF
144January 22, 2001Don Doane's Super Senior SextetDon Doane (trombone), Ralph Norris (tenor saxophone), Joe LaFlamme (tenor saxophone), Gerry Wright (piano), Al Doane (bass), Paul Jensen (drums)PDF
145February 12, 2001Bill Mays: At the SteinwayBill Mays (piano)PDF
146April 9, 2001Ray Smith's Paramount Jazz BandJeff Hughes (cornet, flugelhorn), Gary Rodberg (clarinet, alto saxophone), Steve Wright (reeds, cornet), Robin Verdier (piano), Jimmy Mazzy (banjo, vocals), Chuck Stewart (tuba), Ray Smith (drums)PDF
147September 17, 2001Hank Jones: Pianistic WisdomHank Jones (piano), Herb Pomeroy (trumpet), Marshall Wood (bass), Les Harris, Jr. (drums)PDF
148October 22, 2001Benny Golson Marches OnBenny Golson (tenor saxophone), James Williams (piano), John Lockwood (bass), Yoron Israel (drums)PDF
149November 19, 2001Plenty of Horn: Byron StriplingByron Stripling (trumpet), Dave Glasser (alto saxophone), Bill Charlap (piano), Ira Coleman (bass), Dennis Mackrel (drums)PDF
150January 28, 2002The Intimate Dimension: Fred Haas TrioFred Haas (saxophones), Gene Bertoncini (guitar), Michael Moore (bass)PDF
151March 4, 2002Out of the Airwaves & Into Our Hearts: Marion McPartlandMarion McPartland (piano)PDF
152April 8, 2002The Music of Vintage ManhattanPeter Ecklund (cornet), Ken Peplowski (clarinet, tenor saxophone), Frank Vignola (guitar, banjo), Murray Wall (bass)PDF
153September 23, 2002The Quintessence: Donna, Bucky, & ScottDonna Byrne (vocals), Bucky Pizzarelli (guitar), Scott Hamilton (tenor saxophone), Paul Schmeling (piano), Marshall Wood (bass), Jim Gwin (drums)PDF
154October 21, 2002The Rarest of Pairs: Toots Thielemans & Kenny WernerToots Thielemans (harmonica), Kenny Werner (piano)PDF
155November 25, 2002Family Values: The Heath BrothersJimmy Heath (saxophones), Percy Heath (bass), Albert "Tootie" Heath (drums), Jeb Patton (piano)PDF
156February 3, 2003Remembering Vic: Phil Wilson & CompanyPhil Wilson (trombone), Phil Person (trumpet), Tom Ferrante (clarinet), Paul Schmeling (piano), Marshall Wood, (bass), Les Harris, Jr. (drums), Christine Fawson (vocals)PDF
157March 3, 2003Pellucid Pianism: Bill CharlapBill Charlap (piano)PDF
158April 21, 2003Forever Fresh: The Back Bay RamblersJon-Erik Kellso (cornet), Billy Novick (reeds), John Clark (reeds), Bob Connors (trombone), Ross Petot (piano), Peter Bullis (banjo), Vince Giordano (basses), Bill Reynolds (drums)PDF
159September 22, 2003Continuing to Soar: The New Black Eagles Jazz BandTony Pringle (cornet, leader), Billy Novick (clarinet, alto saxophone), Stan Vincent (trombone), Bob Pilsbury (piano), Peter Bullis (banjo, manager), Barry Bockus (string bass), Pam Pameijer (drums)PDF
160October 20, 2003The Latin Tinge: Bebop SambaPaquito D'Rivera (woodwinds), Jay Ashby(trombone), Diego Urcola(trumpet), Alon Yavnai (piano), Oscar Stagnaro (bass), Bertram Lehman (drums)PDF
161November 24, 2003The Hottest of the Cool: Lee KonitzLee Konitz (alto saxophone), Dennis Irwin (bass), Matt Wilson (drums)PDF
162February 2, 2004Shades of Bix: The Wolverine Jazz BandJohn Clark (clarinet, saxophones), Jeff Hughes (cornet, trumpet), Tom Boates (trombone), Ross Petot (piano), Jimmy Mazzy (banjo, vocals), Rick MacWilliams (tuba), Dave Didriksen (drums), Dave Whitney (trumpet)PDF
163March 1, 2004The Press Room Connection featuring Harry Allen, Warren Vache, and Joe CohnHarry Allen (tenor saxophone), Warren Vache (trumpet), Joe Cohn (guitar), Jim Howe (bass), Les Harris, Jr. (drums)PDF
164April 5, 2004Double Barreled Piano: Marian McPartland and Benny GreenMarian McPartland (piano), Benny Green (piano)PDF
165September 20, 2004Eli Newberger All-StarsEli Newberger (tuba), Bo Winiker (trumpet), Brad Terry (clarinet, whistler), Ted Casher (tenor saxophone), Bob Winter (piano), Jimmy Mazzy (banjo, vocals), Henry Newberger (trombone)PDF
166October 25, 2004Ellingtonia PlusClark Terry (trumpet, flugelhorn), Jimmy Woode (bass), Shawnn Monteiro (vocals), John Harrison (piano), Les Harris, Jr. (drums), Stjepko Gut (trumpet)PDF
167November 22, 2004Triple PlayDick Hyman (piano), Howard Alden (guitar), Jay Leonhart (bass)PDF
168January 24, 2005Bob Wilber, in a Tribute to Johnny HodgesBob Wilber (reeds); Charlie Jennison, Gina Cusanelli, Marc LaForce, Sean Potter, Tony DiBartolomeo (saxophones); Chris Olberholtzer, Jim Robins, Steve Thayer, Ernie Mills (trombones); Greg Palmer, Mark Selesnick, Craig Skeffington, Kevin Knapp (trumpets); Jim Butka, Nate Therrien, Andrew Greene, Ken Clark, Paul Verrette, Jim Howe (rhythm)PDF
169February 28, 2005Manhattan Magic: The Bob Mintzer QuartetBob Mintzer (tenor saxophone), Phil Markowitz (piano), Rufus Reid (bass), John Riley (drums)PDF
170April 4, 2005Right from the Source: Dave Pietro's Banda BrazilDave Pietro (reeds), Helio Alves (piano), Leonardo Cioglia (bass), Adriano Santos (drums), Pietro Ito (vocals/percussion)PDF
171September 19, 2005Ray Smith's Paramount Jazz BandJeff Hughes (cornet, flugelhorn), Gary Rodberg (clarinet, alto sax), Steve Wright (reeds, cornet), Robin Verdier (piano), Jimmy Mazzy (banjo, vocals), Chuck Stewart (tuba), Ray Smith (drums, leader)PDF
172October 17, 2006Generational Concurrence: Frank Wess and Terell StaffordFrank Wess (tenor saxophone, flute), Michael Weiss (piano), Francois Moutin (bass), Winard Harper (drums)PDF
173November 21, 2005A Feast of Bones: George Masso & Jeff GalindoGeorge Masso (trombone), Jeff Galindo (trombone), Tim Ray (piano), John Lockwood (bass), Bob Gulotti (drums)PDF
174January 30, 2006The Hot Club of Portland: Django Reinhardt Almost In PersonBryan Bergeron Killough (guitar), Zach Ovinston (violin), Ted Casher (clarinet), David Newsam (guitar), John Hunter (bass)PDF
175February 20, 2006The Wisdom of Youth: Geoff KeezerGeoff Keezer (piano), Mike Pope (bass), Terreon Gully (drums)PDF
176April 3, 2006International Incident: George Robert & The Mulgrew Miller TrioGeorge Robert (saxophone), Mulgrew Miller (piano), Rufus Reid (bass), Billy Hart (drums)PDF
177September 18, 2006There's Still More! The New Black Eagle Jazz BandTony Pringle (cornet), Billy Novick (clarinet, alto saxophone), Stan Vincent (trombone), Barry Bockus (bass), Bob Pilsbury (piano), Peter Bullis (banjo), Pam Pameijer (drums)PDF
178October 16, 2006The Amazing Mays, Plus Two: The Bill Mays TrioBill Mays (piano), Martin Wind (bass), Matt Wilson (drums)PDF
179November 13, 2006What It Means to be from New Orleans: The Nicholas Payton QuartetNicholas Payton (trumpet), Mike Moreno (guitar), Essiet Okon Essiet (bass), Sylvia Cuenca (drums)PDF
180January 29, 2007Two Bass Hit (at the very least!): The Donna Byrne Quartet & The Wood/Ballou Tribute to Ray BrownDonna Byrne (vocals), Marshall Wood (bass), Marty Ballou (bass), Tim Ray (piano), Jim Gwin (drums)PDF
181February 26, 2007How Tasty the Nutmeg: The Galvanized Jazz BandFred Vigorito (cornet, leader), Russ Whitman (reeds), Bill Sinclair (piano), Art Hovey (tuba, bass), Bob Bequillard (drums)PDF
182April 2, 2007Asian Outreach: New York - Tokyo ConnectionDave Pietro (reeds), Jonathan Katz (piano), Diaku Yasukagawa (bass), Yoshihito Eto (drums)PDF
183September 17, 2007For Lionel, Red and Bunny: The Ed Polcer SextetEd Polcer (cornet), Dan Levinson (reeds), Dion Tucker (trombone), John Cocuzzi (piano, vibraphone), Frank Tate (bass), Joe Ascione (drums), Judy Kurtz (vocals)PDF
184October 15, 2007Decades of Songs in Her Heart: Sheila JordanSheila Jordan (vocals), Cameron Brown (bass), Adam Nussbaum (drums), Dave Ballou (trumpet)PDF
185November 19, 2007Stefon Harris & BlackoutStefon harris (vibraphone, marimba), Casey Benjamin (saxophones, vocoder), Mark Cary (keyboards), Derrick Hodge (bass), Terreon Gully (drums)PDF
186February 4, 2008Luminous Rays of Pianistic Elegance: Tim RayTim Ray (piano)PDF
187March 10, 2008Scott Robinson Doctette: Bronze NemesisScott Robinson (reeds), Randy Sandke (trumpet), Ted Rosenthal (piano), Pat O'Leary (bass), Dennis Mackrel (drums)PDF
188April 14, 2008John Kirby's Jewels Rediscovered; The Onyx Club Sextet, directed by Wayne RobertsCharlie Caranicas (trumpet), Dan Block (clarinet), Andy Farber (alto saxophone), Ray Gallon (piano), Willard Dyson (drums), Wayne Roberts (bass, leader)PDF
189September 22, 2008So Much More To Say: The New Black Eagle Jazz BandTony Pringle (cornet), Billy Novick (clarinet, alto saxophone), Stan Vincent (trombone), Barry Bockus (string bass), Bob Pilsbury (piano), Peter Bullis (banjo, manager), Pam Pameijer (drums)PDF
190October 13, 2008Four Brothers Redux: Harry Allen's Four OthersHarry Allen (tenor saxophone), Grant Stewart (tenor saxophone), Jeff Rupert (tenor saxophone), Gary Smulyan (baritone saxophone), Joe Cohn (guitar), Joel Forbes (bass), Luca Santaniello (drums)PDF
191November 10, 2008Bob's Big Band Binge: Bob WilberBob Wilber (clarinet, soprano saxophone); Bill Karlow, Mark Selesnick, Gerald Taube, Jim Clark (trumpets); Charlie Jennison, Gina Robins, Marc LaForce, Sean Potter, Anthony DiBartolomeo (saxophones); Chris Oberholtzer, Jim Robins, Steve Thayer, Ernie Mills (trombones); Jim Butka (piano); John Hunter (bass); Les Harris, Jr. (drums); Pug Horton (vocals)PDF
192February 2, 2009Depth of Emotion: Ed Saindon and Dave LiebmanEd Saindon (vibraphone, marimba, piano), Dave Liebman (soprano saxophone, Indian flute), Dave Clark (bass), Matt Wilson (drums)PDF
193April 13, 2009Bria & Jim's Borderline Jazz BandBria Skonberg (trumpet), Jim Fryer (trombone), John Clark (reeds), Jimmy Mazzy (banjo), Jeff Barnhart (piano), Ed Wise (bass) Kevin Dorn (drums)PDF
194September 21, 2009No Snow in Sight: The Russell Malone QuartetRussell Malone (guitar), Martin Bejerano (piano), Tassili Bond (bass), Jonathan Blake (drums)
195October 19, 2009It's Not All In The Name: The Wolverine Jazz BandJohn Clark (clarinet, saxophone), Jeff Hughes (cornet), Tom Boates (trombone, vocal), Ross Petot (piano), Jimmy Mazzy (banjo, vocal), Rick MacWilliams (tuba), David Didriksen (drums)
196November 16, 2009Truly Saying It All: Benny Green By HimselfBenny Green (piano)
197February 1, 2010Boston Guru: Jerry Bergonzi QuartetJerry Bergonzi (saxophone, piano), Phil Grenadier (trumpet), Dave Santoro (bass), Devon Drobka (drums)
198March 1, 2010Right From The Source: Michael White And The Original Liberty Jazz Band From New OrleansMichael White (clarinet), Gregory Stafford (trumpet, vocal), Lucien Barbarin (trombone), Detroit Brooks (banjo), Steve Pistorius (piano), Kerry Lewis (bass), Herman Lebeaux (drums)
199March 12, 2010Youth Serving All: The Steve Wilson QuartetSteve Wilson (saxophone), Orrin Evans (piano), Ugonna Okegwo (bass), Clarence Penn (drums)
200September 20, 2011Bob Wilber and the Tuxedo BandBob Wilber (saxophone), The Seacoast Big Band
201October 18, 2010The Dick Hyman/Peter Appleyard DuoDick Hyman (piano), Peter Appleyard (vibes)
202November 15, 2010The Dominique Eade Quartet with special guest, Billy PierceDominique Eade (jazz vocals), Billy Pierce (saxophone), Jed Wilson (piano), John Lockwood (bass), Joe Hunt (drums)
203January 31, 2011The New Black Eagle Jazz Band "Nothing But Blues"Tony Pringle (cornet), Bill Novick (clarinet, sax), Stan Vincent (trombone), Peter Bullis (banjo), Bob Pilsbury (piano), Jesse Williams (bass), Bill Reynolds (drums)
204February 28, 2011Bill Mays and the Inventions TrioBill Mays (piano), Marvin Stamm (trumpet), Slisa Horn ('cello)
205March 4, 2011The Anat Cohen QuartetAnat Cohen (clarinet, saxophone), Gilad Hekselman (guitar), Joe Martin (bass), Marcus Gilmore (drums)
206September 19, 2011The David Pietro/Jeff Coffin QuintetDavid Pietro (saxophone), Jeff Coffin (saxophone), Mark Shilansky (piano), John Hunter (bass), Les Harris, Jr. (drums)
207October 17, 2011The Kenny Barron TrioKenny Barron (piano), Kiyoshi Kitagawa (bass), Johnathan Blake (drums)
208November 14, 2011The Greg Hopkins QuintetGreg Hopkins (trumpet), Shannon LeClaire (saxophone), Tim Ray (piano), John Lockwood (bass), Joe Hunt (drums)
209January 30, 2010Wolverine Jazz BandJohn Clark (clarinet and saxophone), Jeff Hughes (cornet and trumpet), Tom Boates (trombone), Ross Petot (piano), Jimmy Mazzy (banjo and vocals), Rick MacWilliams (tuba), Dave Didriksen (drums)
210February 27, 2012Matt Wilson's Arts and CraftsTerrell [sic] Stafford (trumpet), Gary Versace (keyboards), Martin Wind (bass), Matt Wilson (drums)
211April 2, 2012The Howard Alden TrioHoward Alden (guitar), Jeanne Gies (vocals), Jack Wilkins (guitar)
212September 17, 2012The Tamir Hendelman TrioTamir Hendelman (piano), Marco Panascia (bass), Lewis Nash (drums)
213October 15, 2012Sara Caswell Trio: Featuring Gene Bertoncini and Ike SturmSarah Caswell (violin), Gene Bertoncini (guitar), Ike Sturm (bass)
214November 12, 2012Taylor Haskins QuartetTaylor Haskins (trumpet), Ben Monder (guitar), Jeff Hirshfield (drums), Chris Lightcap (bass)
216February 25, 2013The Sofferman Perspective: Featuring George Garzone, SaxophoneGeorge Garzone (saxophone), Phil Grenadier (trumpet), Sean Farias (bass), Brooke Sofferman (drums)
217April 1, 2013Michael White and the New Liberty City Jazz BandMichael White (clarinet), Gregory Stafford (trumpet, vocals), Lucien Barbarin (trombone), Detroit Brooks (banjo), Steve Pistorius (piano), Kerry Lewis (bass), Jason Marsalis (drums)
218September 9, 2013New Black Eagle Jazz BandTony Pringle (cornet, vocal), Bill Novick (clarinet, saxophone), Stan Vincent (trombone), Bob Pilsbury (piano), Peter Bullis (banjo), Jesse Williams (bass), Bill Reynolds (drums)
219October 7, 2013Paul Broadnax Quintet with Shawnn MonteiroPaul Broadnax (piano), Shawnn Monteiro (vocals), Dave Trefethen (guitar), Fred Haas (tenor saxophone), Peter Kontrimas (bass), Les Harris Jr. (drums)
220November 4, 2013Fred Buda QuintetBen Cook (piano), Mike Monaghan (saxophone), Dave Buda (bass), Marshall Wood (bass), Fred Buda (drums)
221January 27, 2014Eric Alexander Quartet with Special Guest Harold MabernEric Alexander (saxophone), Harold Mabern (piano), John Webber (bass), Joe Farnsworth (drums)
222February 24, 2014Bill Charlap and Renee Rosnes Piano DuoBill Charlap (piano) Renee Rosnes (piano)
223March 31, 2014Luciana Souza: Brazilian Duos Featuring Guitarist Romero LubamboLuciana Souza (vocals), Romero Lubambo (guitar)
224September 15, 2014Dena DeRose QuartetDena DeRose (piano), Eric Alexander (saxophone), Martin Wind (bass), Matt Wilson (drums)
225October 13, 2014Fred Hersch TrioFred Hersch (piano), John Hebert (bass), Eric McPherson (drums)
226November 10, 2014Terri Lyne Carrigton QuartetAaron Parkes (piano), Antonio Hart (saxophone), Zach Brown (bass), Terri Lyne Carrigton (drums)
227February 2, 2015Michael Weiss Quartet
228March 2, 2015Anat Cohen QuartetAnat Cohen (clarinet), Jason Lindner (piano), Joe Martin (bass), Daniel Freedman (drums)
229April 6, 2015Jim Cullum; Windy City Jazz Band; Jim Cullum Jazz BandJim Cullum (cornet), John Sheridan (piano), Phil Flanigan (bass), Kevin Hess (drums), Mike Pittsley (trombone), Even Arntzen (clarinet)
230September 14, 2015Dick Oatts QuintetDick Oatts (alto sax), Terell Stafford (trumpet), Bruce Barth (piano), Ben Williams (bass), Obed Calvaire (drums)
231October 12, 2015Jimmy Cobb QuartetJimmy Cobb (drums), Roy Hargrove (trumpet), John Webber (bass), Russell Malone (guitar)
232November 9, 2015Bram Wijnands TrioBram Wijnands (piano), John Blegen (saxophone, clarinet), Pat Adams (drums)
233February 1, 2016Mark Turner Quartet
234February 29, 2016Christian McBride Trio
235April 4, 2016Michael Weiss Quartet
236September 12, 2016One For AllEric Alexander (saxophone), Steve Davis (trombone), Joe Farnsworth (drums), David Hazeltine (piano), Jim Rotondi (trumpet), John Webber (bass) PDF
237October 10, 2016Rebirth Brass BandPhilip Frasier (sousaphone), Kieth Frasier (bass drum), Derrick Tabb (snare drum), Chadwick Honore (trumpet), Glenn Hall (trumpet), Glenn Hall (trumpet), Derek Shezbie (trumpet), Strafford Agee (trombone), Corey Henry (trombone), Vincent Broussard (saxophone)PDF
238November 7, 2016Jimmy Greene Quartet
239February 7, 2017Rhythm Future QuartetJason Anick (violin), Olli Soikkeli and Maz O'Rourke (guitars), Greg Loughman (bass)PDF
240April 3, 2017Ambrose Akinmusire QuartetAmbrose Akinmusire (trumpet), Sam Harris (piano), Logan Richardson (saxophone), Rudy Royston (drums)PDF
241May 1, 2017Peter Bernstein QuartetPeter Bernstein (guitar), Aaron Goldberg (piano), Doug Weiss (bass), Willie Jones III (drums)PDF