Your search results from any of the library’s catalogs may include links to e-books (electronic books). Note that the most recent edition or relevant book on your topic may not be an e-book.

Searching for E-Books

Use the UNH Library catalog for best results when searching for e-books. The BLC WorldCat catalog does not include links to all e-books to which UNH has access.

E-Book Collections

You can also search or browse individual e-book collections owned by the UNH Library.

Viewing E-Books

Generally e-books can be viewed online if you are on the UNH campus network or from off campus (for UNH students, faculty, and staff). Some e-books may require log in with your UNH IT ID username and password even when on the campus network.

You will only be able to view e-books that are licensed at UNH (not to other libraries) or that are open access.

E-Book Features

Features such as searching within a book, copying, printing, annotating, etc. vary depending on the e-book website. In most cases, the amount of an e-book that you may print or copy is limited by the publisher or vendor.

Downloading E-Books

The ability to download e-books to your personal computer or tablet varies by publisher, e-book website, and available format. Borrowing periods for downloaded e-books, as well as the ability to "return" or release e-books early also vary by publisher and website.