The Way We Were: A Collection of UNH Anecdotes

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If you can't show us how to kill the grasshoppers, you can do nothing for us.

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Now shut up you guys, the Coach says I'm the boss. I'm running this team, understand?

Anybody got any suggestions?

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Faculty & Friends

Flunk is an intransitive verb. I don't flunk you, I merely record your flunk!

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Odds & Ends

Directed by Pettee, the fellows fought the blaze for several back-breaking hours, digging furrows and building back-fires. By noon, the flames had died down and the farmhouses were saved.

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It was a real and legitimate green.

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Student Life

Tom Michaud jauntily threw off the coat of his three-piece suit and removed his shoe to the tune of ‘The Stripper.’ He then poured a beer and a live goldfish into the shoe and drank them both.

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The War Years

If you could handle a group of mature World War II veterans as you did, you can handle a bunch of hard cider drinking country kids in Fairchild Hall.

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