Petersburg, Va
Sunday August 28/64

Dear Sister
I have not written
for some time & my excuse
is that I have not had time.
The 2nd Corps has been on the ram-
page for the past two weeks.
In the first place we went to
the extreme right of the line then
back to the extreme left & as Grant's
line is a very long one it was no
slight job.
Two weeks ago last Friday we struck
camp & went to City Point.
Saturday got aboard transport
& went to Deep Bottom on the
north side of the James,
the same place we went to before.
Had heavy skirmishing Sunday

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I got a letter from
Samuel with his &
the boys photographs.
They are very good ones.
It is almost dark &
I must close
Write Soon

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& Monday. Tuesday our brigade
& a Div of Cavalry made a re-
connaissance towards Richmond.
We went within 6 miles of
Richmond, encountered a
strong force of the enemy. Had a
sharp little fight & came
very near being taken prisoner
the whole night.
Saturday night we came
back by marching all night.
Rested in an old camp a few
hours Sunday—a week ago today.
Then marched to the left
where the 5th and 9th corps had cut
the Weldon RR. Monday we
commenced to turn up the RR.
Tuesday night we got as far as
Reams Station. The next day
we destroyed the tracks to a
point about 2 miles down & then
returned to Reams Station again.

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There was only the 1st & 2nd Divisions
in the expedition, our 3rd Div being
left in the breastworks in front of
Petersburg. There were some old
breastworks at Reams Station &
there we occupied. Thursday A.M.
was quiet but all felt nervous
Gen Hancock was riding along the
lines constantly & looked anxious.
In the P.M. skirmishing commenced
& then charges were made by the
enemy & repulsed. About 5 o'clock
a terrific charge was made prefaced
by a violent shelling from their
batteries which completely enfila-
ded our lines. The 2nd Div gave
away which let a line of them
in our flank & rear we had
to retire in doublequick time
leaving a battery in their possession
our brigade reformed again and
charged back retook two of the

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pieces & the works we occupied
holding them till after dark & we
got two guns off by hand.
We then retreated back to Williams
House, & yesterday we came back
here, Gen Hancock wanted to
come back from Reams Station
Wednesday night & asked leave
of Gen Meade to do so. But Gen Meade
would not allow it had we done
so we would not have left a man
or a gun, Hancock knew what
the situation was & Meade did
not. I have a very poor opinion
of Gen Meade.
Hancock felt very badly about
he knew we would not be able
to hold the position. He exposed
himself to the thickest of the fight.
He is always found where there is
the most danger.
We are now camped a little to
the left of our old place, dont
know how long we will stay.
This Corps is spare hand[?] and has
to do all the extra work, we have
not been paid yet.
I have command of 4 Cos now.
I have got about tired of doing the
work of others. My health is
very good. Gilman Johnson is all right.