Thursday June 23./64

Dear Sister
When I closed the other
short I said we had orders to move,
well we did move at dark back
one mile to the rear. the next morn-
ing we started and marched to
the left. early in the P.M. came up
the rebs. had some skirmishing
with them and then fell back
a short distance & threw up rifle
pits; the next day – yesterday – in the
P.M. & brigades of our Div moved
out to the front & right. finally
our brigade was ordered to fol-
low we did so a short distance
when the brigades in advance were
attacked & we were doublequicked
back into the rifle pits we had
left. were just in season to pre

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vent the rebs from rushing in
over. we opened a heavy fire
on them & they retreated in con-
fusion leaving many of their
killed & wounded. our regt had
3 men wounded, one of my Sergts
being one of them. This makes
2 Sergts Killed & 2 wounded in my
Co, this campaign. The 6th Corps
on our left was not attacked.
This is a very bad country to operate
in. it is covered with a thick
growth of woods & bushes, water
is very scarce, the weather is very
hot, our object in this movement
I think is to obtain possession of
the Petersburg & Wilmington R.R.
There has been no fighting
today so far – 2 P.M. – we have
got a position that no army
of rebs can take.
I am well, the mail

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has just come in and
no letter for me. do write
often, I must close this now
or I can not send it till
tomorrow. Johnson is well