Camp Cross Pt: Lookout Md.
March 23, 1864

Dear Sister
As I have a few
leisure moments this P.M. I will write
you a short letter. I got a letter from
Mother this morning saying Dea. [----?]
was dead. his death will be a great
loss to the town & will be deeply felt in
the neighborhood.
We had a furious N.E. snow storm last
Tuesday P.M. & night. the wind blew
very hard. striking us in all its
force. the snow has drifted in
among the tents & it seemed like N.H.
I think we shall have rain tonight
if so it will be all "slosh" & mud.
I sent you a few days ago a view of
our camp & Co "K"'s memorial the
view of the camp is a perfect picture.

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In the Memorial notice E.W. Smith's name.
I sent one to Capt Welch.
The men that went home to vote got
back last week. the veterans will be
here next week I suppose.
Capt. Butler got back Tuesday.
Lieut Dame is still a 1st Lt of this
Co but is in command of Co F. the
Capt of this Co. also the 1st Lieut being
on duty in Concord N.H. if Dame
was promoted it would not help
me any as it would not be my
turn to be promoted. we are promoted
according to our rank.
Col. Hapgood has returned with his
wife. this makes 3 officers that
have their wives here & more are ex-

The rebs are very quiet & gives us no trouble.
A rebel officer was shot a few days ago
by a Serg. of the 2nd Regt he abused the
Sergt. shamfully calling him a "damned
N.H.Yankee son of a b—h" & daring him to

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shoot. the Sergt drew his revolver and
shot him dead. Gen Marston approved
of the act.
You spoke of my climbing the greasy
pole & I did not find it a very hard
task to climb it. & the goat rode
very easy. we hold meetings every
week. I think I can go into any
lodge in the world now.
New Hamp. did much better than I
even hoped. copperheads had better
seek their holes I think.
I think Raymond ought to be proud of
her representation. wonder who they’ll
send next: it seems Father had the
honor of being a candidate.
We hear nothing of going away
from here yet. I don’t much think
we shall. I had rather go into the
field this summer than stay here
but intend to be contented wherever
we are. the negro regt will go
away as soon as the veterans return.

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I have just written to Mother.
She wrote that Father was unwell.
hope he won’t be sick long.
I must close now. My love to all
Write soon

Your Aff George