Pt. Lookout Md Jan 1. 1864
Dear Sister
I rec your letter
with Llewellyn’s enclosed was
very glad to hear from you & him.
it seems he has been enjoying himself hugely hunting buffalo
& guerrillas. I wish we could get
up something of the sort here just
for a change.
We have had a very severe rain
storm cleared off last night.
I have been quite unwell
for a week past – the effects
of a severe cold but I am
better now & shall be about as
usual in a day or two. I am
somewhat weak yes & my
hand trembles badly.

[Page Break]

I have not got a revolver yet but
borrow one when I go on guard
I shall get me one soon.
Maj Gen Bullin was here some time since
he has got charge of the exchange of
prisoners & it is said we are now
in his department & belong to the
18th Army Corps. I hope it is so. I
never want to go into the "Army
of the Potomac" again.
The President was here last week
but did not stop long.
Some of our officers are making
arrangements to have their wives
come here.
We had an addition to 80 men to our
regt from Concord lately. 18 of them came
in Co "K" so we had some more
greenhorns to drill.
I send Llen’s letter with this & when
I get your long one then I will write you
again,. Truly George S Gove
I wish you all a "Happy New Year"