Long Island Boston Harbor Mass
Oct. 23, 1863

Dear Sister
I suppose you have
heard by this time where I am etc. We
left Concord very unexpectedly to me.
I knew nothing of it till Monday
night after dark. Capt Bullin told
me we were to leave Wednesday morn-
ing & that I must get my things the
next day. I am in a fix. I had no
money or but little & it was to late to
spend that night. So I sent down a letter this
morning by the [----?] thinking
to get some money back that night but
he forgot to leave the letter till he
came back that night – so I was out again
I staid in the city this night & the next
morning when I came up found
Samuel James and Eddie at the gate. It was

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then 7½ oclock & we were to leave at 9.
We went back to the city, got my sword
sash etc etc was measured for my uniform
& back to camp found them just marching
off. had everything to pack up & put
for [---?] Depot got there just in season to get
aboard the train. got to Boston all right
& proceeded at once to Long Island. This
is a high smooth tract of land between
Fort Independence & Warren. There is a
light house & a hotel used for a summer
resort: our camp is very pretty situated
commanding a view of the whole of
the harbor & the cities of Boston & Charles-
town. There are but three Cos. of us here
"D", "J", & "K" the whole commanded by Capt
Bullin this brings me in command of the
Co. We had 20 more men put into our Co. the
day we left Concord so we have 65 men
here now. they are a very intelligent
orderly set of fellows. superior to
the general run of substitutes.
Three more Cos. are coming tomorrow

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& the rest next week. I don’t think we
shall leave here before a week & it may
be more. We shall go by water round to
Point Lookout or elsewhere as it is
not certain we shall go to Point Lookout.
I was measured for a uniform in
Concord Coat Park & left the whole will
cost $37.00. My sword, sash, [--?] & shoulder
straps cost $30.00. My uniform will
be sent to me as soon as it is done.
I took my meals at the hotel now
but when the others get here we shall
have a mess of our own.
I am very sorry I did not have a chance
to go home before leaving home. I wanted
to see Father & Mother.
I want you to send me your Photgraphs.
Write soon. Give my love to all.

Geo. S. Gove

[---?] to ColK 5th N.H.
Long Island Boston Harbor