Camp for Drafted Men Concord NH
Sept 17th 1863

Dear Sister
Your letter & papers
have been rec. and read with pleasure.
I intended to send you Llewellyn’s letter
& Photograph, in my last but did not
think of it. I send them with this. I am
very much obliged to you for them. I
suppose he has written to me, but as this
letter was sent to the army I have not
got it. I am glad you are going to send
me yours & Doctor’s Potographs. I think I
shall have some taken before we go away
from here. This is the anniversary of
the battle of Antietam. the officers
have a grand ball this evening in
Phenix Hall. the tickets are $5.00 each
so we soldiers wont have much to do with
it. I don’t care, as I should not choose to

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celebrate in that way. it is a double
anniversary to me, as it is just two
years ago today that I enlisted. it has
been an eventful two years to me
& I had rather spend the day quietly
thinking over the past & of Col. Cross.
Their attend a dozen balls.
Squads of conscripts come in daily.
We drew about 200 here again. Another
batch will be sent off next Monday.
Many of them have tried to get away
but only two have succeeded & they
only thru the fault of Gen. Hinks.
Capt Rullin is here & has taken command
of the Co. Lt. Dame is detailed with the
conscript Co. that is to act a garrison Co.
Detachments have got here from the
6th 9th & 11th Regts. I got a letter from
John Cram today. The 11th is staying
behind in Ky. Capt Tilton is in
command of the regt. I hope soon
to hear that Charleston is ours. I wish
we win them. but I am afraid

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we are destined to spend the rest
of our term of service in inglorious
inactivity & depend on what laurels
we have already won. The glory
of this regt departed when Col. Cross
was killed.
It is very hot today. Beats Va. am glad I
don’t have to [---?] about much.
I don’t know but I shall contract habit
of laziness it will be hard to get rid

Write again soon. Love to all