Camp for Drafted Men. Concord N.H.
Friday Sept. 11 1863

Dear Sister
Your letter was
rec. also papers from Ovelen[?]. Am al-
ways glad to hear from you & any
thing to read is always welcome to a
soldier. We were paid off yesterday and
the boys are feeling very well of course.
A squad of substitutes, 176 in number
were sent to Long Island in Boston Har-
bor. Yesterday, 50 men from one Regt went
as guard. another guard came yesterday.
Several attempts have been made by
some of the substitutes to get away, but
none were successful. Some of them were
from Boston & New York & tough
customers. I have got me a straw hat
& quilt from home. I keep very com-
fortable. The night is quite cold.

[Page Break]

The news from all parts of the country is
very encouraging & I think the end is
near. I hope we shall get out again in
season to take a part in the closing scenes.
I don’t like here very well. never was
homesick before. My duty is very light,
but should doubtless feel more con-
tented if I had more to do.
I saw Mr. Otis & sister when they were here,
spoke to them. have not seen either of
them since. I have heard nothing
about furloughs lately, guess it is doubt-
ful if we get any

My Respects to all Geo S. Gove