Bolivar Heights Harpers Ferry Va.
Saturday Eve. Oct. 18 1862

Dear Sister

I rec. your letter a few
days since, was very glad to hear from you.
In the first place I will correct a mistake,
which you seem to have fallen into viz that
I have really been promoted to Orderly Segt.
I wrote this in Ord.was sick & that I had
to act as Ord. He has since got well & resum-
ed his duties. I am nothing but 3rd Sergt.
Don't be too anxious. I don’t expect to even
shoulder ships yet. We have had a
little variety this week in the shape of
a reconnaissance to Charleston 6 miles
from here. Thursday morning early one
Div. Hancock’s one brigade of [----?]
several batteries & 2 regt.of cavalry started
out on the Winchester turn pike at Hall

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town 2 miles we came upon a strong
picket force supported[?] by a battery which
opened fire on us our batteries returned
the fire for ½ hour when the rebs fell
back, [---?] we lost 1 killed & 4 or5 wounded.
All of the 4th Rgt. , Co K 7 to others were sent
ahead as skirmishers as result of we drove
them with out much trouble- shelling
them as we went --& they replying casu-
ally – throu Charles town & two miles beyond
We stayed out till 8 o’clock in the evening
& then marched back to the village &
camped. It rained a perfect shower
from dark till midnight. Of course
we got thoroughly wet. The
next day was fair& warm we stayed
there till noon. Charlestown is a fair spec-
imen of a Va. villiage with shabby &
intensely [---?] it made the people
mad for us to get water from their
pumps but we did get water and

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as many potatoes apples & garden
squash[?] as we wanted, they were sure un-
willing to take our money & would
give it for theirs, so now we
started back past the jail & CH,
where Old John Brown was confined &
tried & past in sight of the field
where he was hung. The rebs followed
us in considerable force, at Halltown.
We formed a line of battle & waited
for them to come on. Had to sleep out
on the ground again. This morning we
came in. the rebs are in string
form up the valley. I was supprised
last week by a visit from Lyone
Prescott & Olin Tillin from Raymond.
They were after the 10th & 11th reg. These
reg are 3 miles from them, below
Sandy Hook. The line [---?] covered
over have a large brick oven
[---?] for beans & bread. He’s got

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some new clothes but his not been
paid off yet. I cant hope to write
home[?] now. I have just written to
Mother. I have got to go on
picket tomorrow. Am in a
great hurry

Truly Yours
G S Gove