State Hospital New Haven Ct.
July 13, 1862

Dear Sister

I have not written
for some time. I have been unable
to on account of my wounds. Two
weeks ago both of my wounds began
to inflame & be very painful. They
grew worse every day for over a
week. I could neither sleep nights
or take any peace day times. Some
nights I didn’t sleep a wink
at the same time I had no appe-
tite and had bad dysentery. I
got very weak. Had to have
both arms strung up & could
hardly feed myself. I felt mis-
erable enough and such [----?]
as we got as [---?] time from

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the army. Some days we would
hear shots. The whole army was
on a Bull Run retreat towards
Fortress Monroe. I never felt so dis-
couraged, disheartened and disgusted
as I did that week. But it turns
out to be not so bad after all. It was
the only thing McClellan could
do and he done it well. If he had
only been sustained as he ought to
have been & might never [--?] [--?]
wounded have been in Richmond
long ago. I have got about disgusted
with the way affairs are managed.
My wounds have been getting better
for the puss for days. They are now
in a healthy condition and are healing
slowly. My appetite is good and I am
well every way. The 4th passed
off very quietly here. Nothing was
done at all. It was the bluest day
I ever spent. I have got a permanent
pass now so I can go out any time,

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but I have not been out but
three times yet. Geo P. Sargent &
Davis Osgood are at home on fur-
loughs. Sargent was wounded at Fair
Oaks & Osgood is sick. He has never
been in battle and has seen no service.
He has only been with the regt. but
5 weeks in all. The rest of the time he
has been in hospital, homesickness
has been the chief trouble with him.
I guess I am unlucky in coming
here. If I had been sent to N. York
or Phila. I might have got a fur-
lough, but I don’t care about going
home till I can go for good. I hope
to go to my regt. within 4 weeks. I hardly
expect to before that time. When I
was wounded I expected to
be all well by this time but
gun shot wounds get along slow.
I have not heard the first word
from my regt. The papers say nothing
about it. I feel anxious to know

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their loss. I rec. a letter from Doctor
containing[?] [--?] [---?]. I am very much
obliged to him for it. There is some talk
of our being paid off here.
Mother wrote me Saturday saying
you had been sick. But was [---?]
I hope you have got well.
I rec a letter from Edwina Shepard
last week, what possessed her
to write to me I don’t know. I don’t want any [--?]
[---?] [----?]. If you see a paper with
a list of killed and wounded in my regt.
or any information in regard to it in
the last battle, please send it to me.
I shall write to mother today

Write soon
Geo. Gove