State Hospital New Haven Ct. June 15. 62
Dear Sister

I rec. you letter & papers Friday
Have also rec. letters & papers from Sarah & Mother.
They all want me to come home. I should like
to very much but it is impossible. Dr Jewett the
Med. Director had orders from Washington the day
we arrived here to grant no furloughs. But we have
every thing here to make us comfortable & happy
The people are very kind & generous & show us every
attention. Yesterday we moved into the new build-
ing it is light airy[?] & well ventilated [----?] in
the State Hospital yard in a very pleasant part of the city
we are furnished with clean under clothes, [---?]
& even coats & pants when needed. We have an
abundance of reading matter & good food. We
have potatoes meat fish bread & butter & an abundance
of tea & coffee. Today at dinner every man had a
orange &piece of pie in his plate. I consider my-
self very lucky in being sent here, my wounds
are doing well. The little finger bone of my hand is

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broken the Dr. says. My right arm is still quite stiff
& sore. I guess the bone got a pretty hard [---?]. My health
& appetite is very good. I saw an excellent account
of the part Richardson’s div particularly Howards brigade
took in the battle, it was a Boston Daily Journal
what date I do not remember perhaps you have
seen it. The worst part of a battle is often it is over
& farm house about half mile from the battlefield
was used for a hospital, here all the wounded were brought
some hobbling along themselves others brought in on [---?]
the house & out building we soon filled & by noon the
whole of the large door yard was covered with the wound-
ed their cries & groans were horrible to hear. Many of
us had to lay on the ground all [--?]tion we were then
Monday the surgeons were busy all day cutting of legs
& arms. Gen. Howard had his right arm taken off then,
Col Cross tho. badly wounded was never more cheerful
talking & laughing with the boys. He said we had behaved
splendidly & he felt satisfied. I have just written a letter
home. I want you to write often. I shall think more
of having letters now there is nothing to take my at-
tention. If you please write my name Sergt. Geo S. Gove
as it will prevent some confusion in getting my let-
ters. Truly yours. George S. Gove