Raymond June 10

Dear Julia
I rec your letter last we was very
glad to hear from you and glad too that Hannah
has made out to get a letter off to you. I didn’t think
she would. I have been down to see her three times
would feel discouraged every time for you.
It’s not all her thumb that makes her so feeble,
she is all worked down it was a favor to her
that she had this bad thumb, but
for that she would have stayed there all sum-
mer. Don’t worry yourself about me. I will be
ready any time you send if we are well. Anna
Barker will come and take care of your father and George.
She is living at her fathers, her husband is down
at the Cape, and too don’t give yourself any trouble
there no one of our family but seem perfectly
willing. I should go to Rye. Eliza didn’t want me to
get a girl. I engaged Anna last week to come if I wanted
her. You have heard it seems that George has joined
the army again. I will send you his last letter home.
The box came Tuesday morn all safe, he sent his over
coat and woolen blanket, two camp chairs five pens
like yours I suppose, and the prettiest photographs

[Page Break]

I ever saw it is George him self. I hope we will hear
from him soon. Sarah has had two letters from George this
week. Roena had one from George. Bacon is ordered back
to his Co.again. George is promoted to Capt.of Co. F he wont
have to do Bacons drudgery now. How cold it is, am
afraid there will be a frost tonight, can’t write any
more now, an going to a meeting with Mrs. Folsom
this afternoon, take this to the office with me.
The remainder when I see you.