New Haven Ct. June 9, 62
Dear Sister

Doubtless you have
heard before this that our regt.
was in the fight of last Sunday
June 1st the papers have given
you the particulars of the
battle so I will only tell you
of myself. We were not in
the fight Saturday but
marched from our camp
to the battle field where we
arrived at 9 in the eve.
we took a position in front &
layed down on our arms
& got a few hours sleep. Early
Sunday morning, the rebels
commenced the attacked on
our left where we were on brigade
was the first engaged. Our

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regt. was not hotly engaged
for some time the chief point
of attack being a little to our
left - often the other regts. of our
brigade & Gen. Frenche’s brigade
had got pretty well cut up. We
were moved to the left & front
& got right into the hottest of
it. It was thick bushes where we
fought - no opening at all. We
got within 40yds of the rebels &
opened on them. They had 2
regts. opposed to us & they repli-
ed with great effect. They fired
very low & had the advantage
of position. The bushes & limbs
were cut off all about us & the
splinters thrown in our face.
I was wounded about the middle
of the fight. A musket ball passed
thro my left hand between the
3rd & little finger bones & then
into my right arm below the

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shoulder stopping against the
bone & was taken out. My arm
was not broken. The Dr. that
dressed my hand this morning
thinks my little finger bone
is fractured. My wounds were
very sore & painful for a day.
I could not rise either arm not
even feel myself. I can take
care of myself very well now.
I staid[sic] at a house near the battle
field – used as a hospital-till last
Thursday when I took the cars for White
House. There the Steamer State of Marine
& came here stopping at Fortress
Monroe where we left some
wounded secesh & at
got here this morning. We have
got a splendid place here &
have every care & attention
shown us. This is the first co.
of wounded ever sent to New Haven.
Our Brigade suffered very

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severely in the fight. Gen. Howard lost
an arm and both of his aids were wound-
ed. Col. Cross & Maj. Cook were wounded.
Our Co. had 3 killed & 12 wounded
Capt Cross did everything for us in his
power. He sent 3 men from the
Co. to take care of us while we stayed
there. It was a horrid sight to
see, the wounded. The house & door-
yard was filled with them &
their groans & cries were awful
it is the worst part of the battle.
I expect to be able to join my regt
again in 2 to 4 weeks I hope so at
least. It is said that the wounded
will be sent to their homes as
soon as possible. If I can go free
I shall go, but if I have to pay my
fare I cannot. I wrote to
mother this morning. Don’t
feel a bit alarmed about
me. We have an excellent place
here & the best of care besides
my wounds are not serious
at all. Write soon and send me
some papers or magazines.

Direct your letters
Care of Dr Jewett
State Hospital
New Haven Ct.

Geo S Gove