Washington D.C.
Saturday Jan - 1st 1842

Dear Brother
Although I have received no answer for
the last that pened for you - Believe I cannot let this opportunity
pass without bringing you more deeply indebted
to me in the letter line We have a Vacation of all
this week - which affords the student a great opportunity
of attending Congress as Nearly one half of the students
are from the North. N.E. Between forty and Fifty
in all. One who attended with you - has been in an
apothecary store since - Two of those who graduated when
you did are now in the U.S. Army as Surgeons
An expensive course of lectures, this, to me Twenty five
dollars, for my Diploma if I get one - Twenty for
dissecting this winter is There has not one week past
since I left home; but what I have paid from three to
four and a half dollars per week for Board, besides
my washing, wood, lights &c - But it is by the
Strictest economy in every thing that I am able to pay
these large bills. I as yet have a little gold
coin in my trunk

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As with respect to your going home - you know your own
Business Best - I think it would have been well if you had
gone home when I started for Washington - As Father has
needed someone with him - And very much last summer -
I wish for you to go home in the Spring and spend a year or two in
Rye - As I may wish to be away from home more or lefs I
have a desire to spend one year in Portsmouth in reading
and practicing with Dr [---?] - I think I could Earn my living
and perhaps get to business They will all expect you home in
The spring. Write and let me know your plans &c.
To Dr. Charles G. Parsons Shongalo Miss

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Have not spent much time in Congress this session
Have spoken with Woodbury Shaw and other members
from New Hampshire. Met with Mr. Levy now and
then, receives a letter from John now and then -
There is not much excitement in Congress this Winter.
I have received a few letters from home during the
week on two past - xxxx - They inform me that William
was at home a few days - And then set sail for
New Orleans. At which place he has arrived undoubly
by this time - Said it was uncertain what course he
shall sail from there - I was expecting to receive a letter from
him - You of course will not be influenced in your plans,
by him - As you cannot depend upon or keep track of him.
You have learned this, I presume, by experience
All are well at home Abby writes that she had a fine time
and spent her Thanksgiving in giving and receiving
visits &c. They have installed a Mr. Ewn to be their Minister
Thomas Ira plays on the Bass Viol in the Church
The young people are getting married in Old Rye
Father has a Baptist minister for a neighbor Elden Hall
The People here have made an effort to enjoy their Christmas
in visiting, making presents, attending church, eating drinking &c

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President T. has a lever to day shall attend at the White House.
There is a great temperance celebration in Washington to day
We have very fine weather here this winter - snow on the ground
one day. During the two months past I have been content
in attendance on the lectures. And after this week my time
will be much taken up in attending lectures, dissecting &c
If you intend coming to Washington this spring I
wish for you to be here as soon as the first of March
I received a letter from John a week or two since and
shall expect him here in the spring - as he wishes to
know When I graduate and where he can finally[?]
I shall graduate the first of March. But if you should
not come to Washington as early in the Spring as March
Think you may find me here in Washington or perhaps
in Baltimore, as I am in no great hast to go home. I wish
to make a Raise first of some of the indispensable - &c
I intend to sound Uncle Sam a little He feels very poor
having lost his gold Snuff Box Necklace &c by a Thief
Emily writes that at B.H. Charles?) wrote part
of the letter says he and Albion spent their Thanksgiving in shooting at Birds on [---?]
Have had very high tides which have washed the stones into the Roadway very much
They all wrote that they have not heard from you - Give them all a letter, as
well as to John and myself - Write soon - I close this letter by
Wishing you a Happy New Year - Yours Truly Warren Parsons