New York, November 2, 1839
Dear Brother

Having an opportunity to write you without
without paying postage to "Uncle Sam" I improve it by scribbling
off a few lines of my business departure &c. The ship is advertized
for St. Marks out Apalachicola to sail about the 15 inst. There is nothing
doing at present either here or out South - am afraid I shall have
to leave here with very little freight - have got really tired
& sick of New York & find it impossible live here and do nothing
without spending a good deal of money unnecessary & more especially
when any one has any amount [----?] at commons. I have had quite a leisurely
time since I came on & little or nothing to do.
I think if I was in Fathers case I should sell my U.S bank
stock if $70 per share can be obtained, in the present state of stocks -
for it is quite certain its credit has received such a severe shock that it
can never recover its former confidence in the community. Besides
the immense losses it will or has sustained by its loans to new
States & also the immense amount of fancy stocks in its possession which
are and always will be less than 50 pct at discount less than what the
Bank bought them for - have you received the articles I
shipped by Telegraph & anything new from Chs or John &c in haste.
Yours affly
Wm Parsons