New York 14th October 1839
Dear Brother

I shipped a few days since per Schooner
Telegraph for Portsmouth - One chest & one Bbl directed to
the care of J.H. Kelsey &c Portsmouth. On the receipt
of this please make arrangements for their safe delivery
into your possession. The contents & cost are as follows.
25yds fine black Broadcloth $55.00 The exact account is the actual
20 3/4yds. fine English Flannel@ 54 11.80 amount of cash paid for the articles
8 yds. Scottish Tartan @30 2.40 in Glasglow& suppose $5 will
2 xx best scotch Blankets 12.00 cover all actual expense in getting
48 1/2yds finest Backing 44.00 this to Portsmouth.
$ 125.00
Cope & Handlechimes 5.00 For Abby, sent previously
I have been to two Taylors to learn the price of the Broadcloth
and the value it from $4 to $4.50 per. yard. You can use
what you think proper for coats and exchange or sell the
remainder if you think it not heavy enough for Pantaloons.
I have kept enough for 2pr pants for my own use.
I find I cannot purchase carpeting so good as I sent less their
$1.25 per yard so I think you and Father better take some
for every day use, as it will scarcely even wear out. I think
it quite cheap please make inquiries in Ports. And see the difference
in quality & price & let me know in your next [---?]
[Tear in letter] done nothing towards loading this ship yet, but think
[Tear in letter] sail direct from Apalachicola the middle of next month.

[Page Break]

I have received no letters from either John or Charles
since leaving home. If you wish me to do any
business for John or Charles write me immediately or as soon
as you receive the goods I have shipped. Mr. Goodwin
is now here. Shall send you a paper occasionally etc.

In Haste Yours
William Parsons

The Telegraph sailed I think yesterday