Portsmouth Sept 11th 1839
Capt Wm Parsons

Dear Sir,
Yours of 7th inst is before us.
We wish you to make an examination as
fast as possible into the state of the copper on
the Marion and ascertain which course
would be most advisable to recopper or
mend that which is all for another voyage.
If it is very bad then, would be economy[?]
in coppering - we wish you to ascertain
the price of copper and what it probably
would cost to [----?] and recopper the
ship in neww York - with these data, we
then could ascertain whether it would be
an object to order her [----?] here for the
repairs - we hope the ship will not need
coppering, if she does it would probably
be best to bring her home - The Cost
will sell better in New York than here

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and it can remain on board until [---?]
T & Merville find a purchaser at a fair rate
unless the ship should be wanted. I presume
it is too early to be thinking of going South.
Should you find that the ship will not
want coppering the upper works had better
be put in order at [--?] ready for any
business that may offer

Your friends
I Goodwin & SE Caues[?]

We hope you may get back the money
on some part of it from [-----?]