Portsmouth 30th October 1838
Capt. William Parsons

Sir, Having appointed you master of
the Ship Marion, you will proceed direct
to the Port of Savannah. Your ship & cargo
is there consigned to Mess: John Cumming Sons,
from whom you will receive all necessary

We hope your cargo will sell well
in Savannah & that you may be able to pro
cure a coastwise freight back to Portsmouth
at a rate not less than ¾ cent per lb. for cotton.
If that rate cannot be had, nor 3/4 to L'pool,
we recommend your leaving Savannah for
Apalachicola. & there endeavor to procure
to procure a freight to Europe or coastwise.
We think your hay will be better sold at
Savannah, your potatoes you can take with

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you. On these points Mess. J. Cumming Son
will instruct you. & we shall write them
to give them our he'llos. You will not
go up to Savannah at once but leave your
ship below until you have an interview
with your consignees. For the market at
Savannah may be such as to render it
expedient for you to proceed as one into
the gulf.

We would enjoin on you to proceed with
the utmost economy in you disbursements
to keep us regularly advised of your proceedings
& to pay respect to the Commercial Laws of
every port. You will direct your letters to
us. Your compensation will be the
passage of five percent on all freights and
20$ per month wages.

Your friend,
I Goodwin & S I Cours

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P.S. Mr D.B. Wood of Apalachicola has formerly
transacted the ships business much to our satis
faction. You will avail yourself of his services.
In all cases, however, except at Savannah, the
responsibility rests on yourself.
We consider Wm & Jos. Brown & co. as our friends
& should always give the preference to them
as consignees in Liverpool.
Your ship is insured by
the year. We value her at $12,000.