Camped on Uptons Hill Va. Sept 5th 1862
	Brother David,
		I received your kind letter
of Aug 12th yestarday and I assure you I was
very happy to hear from you to, after pass
-ing through what we have for the 4 Past
week and arriveing at a place where we
could snatch a few moments rest, it was
Heart Cheering to rec. kind and encourageing
letters from Friends as I did on arriveing
here. Yestarday I rec. your kind letter,
one from my Wife, and one from Melissa and
another from one of my Old Sabbath
School Schollars, day before yestarday I rec.
3 letters from my Wife, and from Laura, 
and they were as a feast to a hungry Soul. I
have seen some of the realitys of war since
I wrote to you last. The 9th of Aug. we left
Fredericksburg for Culpepper. We arrived
three Miles beyond Culpepper C. H. and
three Miles from Cedar or Shanghter Mt.
Battle Ground Monday the 11th. The Battle
was fought the Saturday before, so we were 
there before the affects of it were all
over with. The Enemys Camp fires were in sight
of us that Night. The next day they had left,
it was expected that we should attack them
on this day if they had not of left. We
Stoped till Saturday and Marched on to the Battle
field, stoped there till Tuesday the 19th
when the whole Armey fell Back, Jackson
having been reinforced. We reached the
Rappahannock and crossed it Tuesday about
8 OClock AM, by the Middle of the PM
most all of the Armey had crossed but some
of the Cavalry. They brought up up our
rear. They were attacked when they came
in sight of the River and just as they were
emergeing from a piece of Woods, by the Rebel
Cavalry, but our Cavalry drove them Back 
and then crossed themselfs, and now the
Armey of Va was all across the Rappahannock,
and we commanded all the fords. Two days
our Battery was under much more severe
Cannonadeing there on the Banks of that
River, near the Rappahannock Station, than
we were at the Battles of Bull Run last
Friday and Saturday. We had three Horses

at the first named places, by one Shot, one
was Lieut. Hobbses, the other two was a pair
of leade Horses on one of our Gun Teames. That
was all the loss we met with there. We left
there for Warrenton Saturday 23rd stoped there
till Tuesday 26th then Marched for White
Sulpher Springs which is near the Rappahann
ock. The first salutation that we got as we
neared the river was several Shot from a
Rebel Battery of Rifled Cannon, our pieces
being to Short range to reach the Enemy
after standing and letting them Shoot
at us a while, we drew off behind a hill
where we could be handy to repell the
Rebeles should they attempt to cross the
River but they did not try it. The
next day we were ordered to  March
for Gainesville Station a distance of 17 Miles.
We reached there the next forenoon Thursday about
8 or 9 OClock, AM. We stoped there a while
then Marched about three miles towards
the Old Bull Run Battle Field, it was Gen.
Kings Division only that was there. Gens.
Gibbons, Hatcher and Doubleday Brigades advanced
some father, and having discovered the Enemy
they manouvered through the fields and Woods
to ascertain their position, while Gen Patricks
Brigade with our Battery remained behind
to keep open the communications and protect
their rear, about Sundown the Enemy filed
out of the Woods (I saw the manoeuvre my
Self as the filed out of the Woods) and took
Gibbons and Doubleday on the flank, our men
turned on them and then was fought of the
most desperate Battles (for a Small one and
dureing the time it lasted) that has taken place
dureing the war, night put an end to the
fight. Our men held their Ground till
midnight when we all fell back to Man
-nassas Junction a distance of 12 miles where
we reached the next morning at Sun rise.
Friday, all the AM forces were Marching
by us for Bull Run, at Noon we were Ord
-ered there also. There was heavy fireing
all day at sundown we were ordered on to
a small knowl to open fire on Some Reb
-eles on an oposit hill who were supposed to
be in a Peach Orchard and a Corn field. We
done so, but we had not fired but one or two
Rounds before the Rebele Infantry opened
on us, and Charged up the hill, 
on our Battery. The Bullets flew around
our heads like Bees when you have tiped their
hive over. We fired till the Rebeles were so
near to us that they touched some of our
men with their Bayonets but not to hurt
it now was qwite dark, but I could see
their Flag qwite plain, an
Infantry that was to Support
us having fled, (having been
Subjected to a cross fire,)
we were Obliged to leave
which we did suffering
the loss of one Cannon and
10 men besides our Capt,
11 in all, and 4 men woun
-ded. Thus ended Fridays
fight. I did not rec. so much
as a scratch, for which I
am very thankful to my 
, for I feel that he
has been with me thus
far and sustained me
through all my trials
and Dangers. Saturday was
fought the Big Battle,
the Second Battle of Bull
Run, and it has resulted
adverse to our Armes, but
I trust not and believe
not a total Defeat for
the most of our forces fell
Back in good Order, to Cen
treville. I and nearly all
that Saw the fight Saturday
lay the defeat to the bad
Generalship of our Generals.
Sigel handled his Troops well
and held the Enemy at bey.
The great failure was with
McDowell, we have no faith
in him, if McClellan had
had the Command I think
there would of been a different
result, and so we all felt
but I trust it will be all
right yet. The Armey has
fell back on the Hights
around Washington and along the
Potomac where we can hold
them till we are reinforced
which will be soon, but I
must close, my health is good
and my Spirets to. We have been
paid of since that time I told 
you I had not for sometime
but Uncle Sam is owing us for
four months work now. I hope 
we shall get it soon so I can
send some to my wife, give
my love to all write often 
With much love I remain your
Brother   T C Cheney