Camped at the Culpepper C.H.
	Va. Sept. 24th/63
My Dear Sister
	I rec. your real
good letter of the 20th yesta
-rday and was very happy to
hear from you, as you say
NY City is a place where a
person can get most any
thing to do if they have a
disposition to work and are
any ways Smart. and it is
a great place to pass away 
the time; fast, there is so
much going on there, but
I think I had much rather live
in Boston than NY City,
for I like N E manners
and Customs Much better
than any other people.
Boston is a better City, 
but I had rather live in 
the qwiet City of Manchester
by a good deal than either
of them. I can pass my
time with my little Family
much more agreable in M.
and I look forward with 
a great deal of pleasure
to the time when I shall
(if God will) be with them
and Kind Friends again.
Yes!!! that will be a happy!!
happy!!! day to me, after
passing through what I have
to be with my Family again,
and no doubt as you say, they
and all my Friends will be
eqwaly as glad to see me, as
you say, love and Friendship
for those we are seperated
from; seems to increase
by that seperation, and the
longer the seperation the
Stronger the love. I long
to see those  , (as well
as my Companion) once more. They
must of grown conciderable;
since I left home. 
seemes as though it would
be sweeter than ever, only
think my time will be out
in just one year and two days,
just one year from 
day after to Morrow (Saturday)
the 26th of Sept., that will soon
pass by. I am  glad to
hear that Charlies health is
so good. Christiana told me
that he had rec. the letter 
I wrote him a while ago.
I am in hopes to rec. one
from him soon, if he has
got a good place in Kt.
to Garrison Duty I am
glad of it, he will get rid
of a good deal of hard Marc
-hing; and perhaps fighting.
The Old Army of the Potomac
will have to continue its Marching
hither and thither till the
Rebes are driven out of Va.
or the Revelion closes. We
do not look for much qwiet
-ness or rest till that time
comes, as you probably have alre
-ady learned we have advanced
across the Rappahannock to
Culpepper, and our advance now
holds to the Rapidan River.
how long we shall stop here I
can not tell; but do no expect
to a great while. We have had
very Cool weather most of the
time since we have been at this
place, it has been very Cold Nights
as to having warm Clothing, it is
good what I have got, but I need
a nother woollen Blanket and my
Over Coat. We sent our Over
Coats and extra Blankets in to
Washington just before we
Started on the Spring Cam
-paign this Spring. We have not
got them yet and do not know
when we Shall get them. I
rec. a letter from Rachel a day or two
since; She and the Children were well.
my health continues first rate and
Spirets good. Tell Charlie that Old
Lee has not been able to anihialate the
Old Army of the Potomac yet
I refer him to Gettysburg. give my
love to him when you write and
to Kittie. Accept much love to yourself
write to me again soon, and God bless you and yours
is the Prayers of you Affectionate Brother T C Cheney