Camped at White Oak Church Va
		May 9th 1863
Dear Brother & Sister,
	Afer 9 Days of
Marching and fighting, we have
got in to Camp again, but 
not the old, about 4 Miles
from it towards Falmouth.
I am so tired and lame
and sore you will have
to put up with a Short Letter
this time. I shall not be able
to give you the full detales of
of the last 9 days. I will
say however to commence
with, that through the goodness
of God I have passed through
it all this far not rec as much
as a scratch, for which I feel
to thank my Heavenly Father,
neithe has there any one in
our Battery been hit or hurt.
We were not in Sundays fight
but went up to the front
Sunday Eve. to releave a
nother Battery. We were
down below Falmouth Wednesday
Thursday and Friday. Part of
the 1st Armey Corp (to which
we belong) Crossed there just
below where the 6th Corps
Crossed. We had an Artillery
fight with the Rebes there
a part of two different
days. Saturday that part
of the 1st Corps that had
crossed the River, recrossed
again and we marched up
to the extreme right where
Hooker was to assist him.
I had the hardest days March
that day (Saturday) that I have
ever had. I was nearly used
up, it was very hot; and I
could not sweat scarsely a bit,
and my feet got qwite sore
and was some lame where
I had been kicked a week
or two before on my Shin
Bone by a Horse, but I have
lived through it and thanks
be to God have come out
of the whole of it alive and
well but some what tired.
There was a nomber of Nights
we sleped scarsely any. The
Pickets would get to fireing
qwite briskly in the Night
and then we would have
to up and be ready to give
the Rebes  if they
should attempt to advance
on our lines. We withdrew
back across the River Tuesday
Eve. and by Wednesday morn-
ing the whole Armey was back
again. as to the Plan of Gen
Hookers, it was most excelent,
and he would of succeded
without the least doubt, if the
Rebes had not been heavily rien
-forced from Richmond. Hooker
had got the Rebes in a tight
place and they knew it therefore
they reinforced Lee Largely,
but you will or have got the
particulars of the Battles
and all in the Papers better than I can
give them to you so I will
not attempt it at this time.
I rec. your kind and good letter
of Apr 26th, May the 2nd and
was very glad to hear from 
you, and hear that you were all
well as usual, it never entered
my head that youd not write
sooner because you was afraid
you would have to send me
something just because you
kindly made such an offer.
 David; do me no such
injustice as to think that I
should enartain such thoughts
for I have had no such and do
not now as to wanting any
thing. There is nothing that I
wish for. Particularly now. We
were paid off a week or two
since so I Shall get along very
well now for a while. The most
I ever need is Postage Stamps. I
get short of them occasionly, but
shall have enough now for a while or as soon
as Rachel can send me a Dollars worth. I use a good
many. Rachel wrote me that you had been to Manches
-ter. I hope you had a good visit. I would like to
see your little Boy very much. I suppose he
takes up a good deal of your attention, but you
must take time to write to your Soldier Brother.
I would be very happy to see a paper from you
ocasionly, a good one for news I must now close.
I will try and do better next time. God bless you
all. Write often and please your Affectionate
				T C Cheney