Camped Near Pratts Landing Apr 5th 1863

Dear Sister Melissa
	It was with pleasure
I rec. you kind letter enclo-
-sed in Rachels. I was very
glad to hear from you
and hear that you were
well and had not forgoten
your absent Brother. I did
envy you some; the privelage
you enjoyed or had of siting
by the Fire side with Rachel
and the Children. I would
like very much to be there
a few weeks, but then I
should want to come back
and do what I could (the
remainder of my Enlistment
out if it was necessary to stop
so long) to put this wicked
Rebelion. I for one am none
of your crybabys (as you call
them, neither is Charlie. I
have talked with him and
he is   . We
came out here to help crush
this Rebelion, it is not done 
yet therefor we are disposed
to Stay as long as our terms
of Enlistment lasts to do
it if it can no be done 
before, but I trust in God
that it will be crushed
in a few Months. I would
like to see the War end as
well as any other one, and
as soon, as any other one would,
for I love my Family and
want to be with them very
much, but I want to see
Piece established on the right
princable so the Rebelion
will not break out again.
I do not want my Children
to be obliged to fight this
war over again,  
I want a  Settlement.
I rec. a letter from Charlie
last Monday. it was writen
the 25th at New Port News,
he was well and hearty, and
liked very well but wer
under Marching Orders. I
suppose he is now in Kent-
-uckey. I think I would
like to go there too. I hope
he will write to me from
there soon. I shall try
and write to him soon.
do you direct your letters
to him now, the same you
always have done. Then
David can not get over his 
Old Hunkerism can he. I
hope Emily will not give
into that faith, if she does
not she may perhaps convert
him from the error of
his ways. I suppose Clinton
has got to be a great Boy by
this time. he could but just
sit alone on the Floor when
I left home. I would like
to see the little rogue
much, and Freddie and Rachel
and you and all the good
Folks. I had a letter from
Father. he said you talked 
of going to Fisherville
to work. as to Furloughs, you
know I never was very
luckey i such thigs at
games of Chance, and do not
much expect to be now. We
draw lots to see who shall
go. I stand as good a chance
as any one, but I do not much
expect to get the chanse till
my time is up. You must
write again soon give my
love to all enqwiring Friends.
my Health is First rate and
Spirets good and am hearty
as a Buck, never weighed
as much as I now do, and now
may God Bless you and yours
is the Prayer of your Affectionate
Brother   T C Cheney