Camped at Falmouth Va Apr 28th

My Dear Sister and Brother
	I received yours of the
13th inst. the 24d and will now
try and answer it, as you see
we are not at Alexandra or at
Manassas, nor York Town, but
are on the (North) Side of the
Rappahannock River, aposit the
City of Fredericksburg, a place
of considerable note, it is at
the head of navigation on the
Rappahannock. Our forces have
not occupied the City yet, for
the Rebeles Burned all the
Bridges that cross the River
here when they fled from our
folks, but we command the City
our Guns are placed so that
we could distroy it in 15 minutes.
The City Authoritys however
have surrenderd it. The Rebel
Armey is supposed to be some
ten miles off, our forces took
possession of this place last
Friday, our Cavelry had a Skourm
-ish with the Rebeles some 4 miles
back from this place, when
they were advanceing on it, but
they Skedadled as soon as our
Infantry advanced on them.
how long we shall stop here
I can not tell, but probably
not long. The Government have
(or our forces) have removed the
obstructions that were in the
River, (which the Rebeles put
there to keep our Gun Boats
from comeing up to Fredericksb
-urg,) and have brought up
a lot of Barges and are Build
-ing a Bridge with them across 
the River, so probably we 
Shall not Stop but a few
days, but Shall on to Richmond,
and the Sooner the better.
We did expect to go to York Town
and Marched back to Alexandra
from Centreville the first
time we Advanced on that 
place, expecting to Ship
down the Potomac, but we
went back to our old Camp
Camp Dupont and stoped
there three days, and Marched
to Alexandra again, or With in
three Miles of it and Camped
there two weeks or more expecting
every day to Ship, but we got
Apr 4th to March for Manassas.
We passed, through that famous
place Apr 6th and not much
of a place is it either. There
were a few fortifycations,
but nothing to brag of, our
People have been Greatly humbug
-eed and Scared, about the Strength
of the Rebel fortifycations at
Centreville and Manassas. They
could not long sustain the
attact of our Armey. They might
pile as many Troops in to them
as they could get the former
place is the best located by
Nature to Sustain an attact,
and was the best and Strongest
fortifyed. The forts were
mounted with Wooden Guns. I
Saw them my Self, the first
time we advanced on the place.
They were Logs, with the 
ends that Stuck out of the
fort blackned. We do not get
much news here, the latest we
have got, was from the Boston
Herald of the 24th which one
of our Boys got to day, so you
probably get later news, what
is transpiring else where than
we do. Frederiksburg looks very
well as we Stand on the hights
this Side of the River and look
over on to it, it is a place of
some 6,000 Inhabitance. There are
two or three Mills on the other
Side, and one on this, a Cotton
Mill on this one or two Woollen
and a flower Mill on the other.
There is a grand Water Privelage
here, if it was in N.E. Fredericks
-burg would be as large or larger
than Manchester, for besides the
Water privelage for Manufacture
-ing it has as I said Water
Communication with the Ocean.
as we get no news, I shall not 
be able to write you any, 
only such as transpires in
Gen McDowells Corps to 
which we are attached. I
received a letter from Rachel
to day, dated the 23rd. They
were pretty well with the
exception that She and Clint
had a little Cold. I hope
and pray they will get
along well, and not be Sick
as you Say in your kind
Letter, if I am never permitted
to meet with them again on
Earth, (but I trust in God I may)
I hope you will remember them
and God will reward you for
it, it does not look as though 
this war could last much
longer, for the Rebeles are
geting the worst of it every
where, and they are a going
to right along to. We hear
it rhumored that New Orleanes
has been taken, but we do
not know whether there is
any truth in it or not.
I expect to get home by
July if I live, and God Wills.
I am glad that you are 
pleased with your ring Emily.
I am in the ring and nipper
business much now. I get
so tired Marching that 
when we get a chance to
rest I emprove it. it has
been very bad weather most
of the time here for a 
month or more, it has
been rainey and cold, and
has been hard work to 
keep warm, but it bids
fare to bee good weather
now, besides it is geting to
be time of the Year for
it, but through the blessing
of God, I have got along
thus far without geting
cold, and have been well
most of the time, with
the exception of two or
three weeks past, which 
time I have had the Jaundice
the worst that I ever saw
a person have it with one
exception, but I am geting
over it very well now.
We have not had enough snow
Emily to have Sleighing, but
we have had enough to make
it teribal muddy and
disagreable. I hope David
that you will hear good
news from the armey of 
the Potomac and I am confident
you will if you have not all
ready. We all have the utmost
confidence in McClellan and 
we think McDowell will do his
part of the Work. I feel
very greatful David to you for
the kind feelings that you
Show towards me and mine.
God will bless you for it.
I do not know of much of any
thing that you could send me
that would ease my Camp
life, besides you could not
send it so that I could it in
under a month, or two perhaps
unless it was something you
could send in a letter. We
have not been paid of for
four Months and as I sent
the most of my Money to
Rachel, I have not been able
to Supply my Self with
pens and Postage Stamps.
Rachel has Keped me Supplied
for most two months, if
you will send me a few of
Gilletts 303 pens or any as good
or Such as you can, and a few
Postage Stamps, (put them in a
letter) I will make it wright
with you, but I must close.
Write often, direct the
same as you always have done, it is to Dark to
see to write any more, excuse all mistakes. from your
Affectionate Brother  T C Cheney