Brandy Station Va. Feb. 1st 1864
My Dear Sister
	I will now try and
write you a few lines to let you
know that I am safe back to Camp
again and what kind of a time I
had at home. in the first place I
will say that I found your kind letter
here when I got back; all safe and
sound, and done me nearly as much
good to read it as though I had not
seen you. Now for my journey home.
We had rather a rough voige of it
all the way to New London. I felt
a little dizey before I went to bed
after that I knew nothing that took
place till it was time for me to get
up. That was about 2 OClock the next 
Morning, (Friday) just as we were going in
to New London Harbor. The first thing
I realised when I woke up was; that
the Raine was droping in to my face.
I began to move myself, and soon found
that the Bed as well as myself, was
pretty wet. The Rain had beat through
the Boat overhead and run down on to
me, and from my bunk down on to
the one under me where Colby Sleped.
We had a State room, so you see we
came near the top of the Boat. I
looked for Colby, and he had left.
 , he could not Stand a
little water even with a good nice
Bed under him. It was nothing 
to . I had been in many a worse
plight than that, so I minded nothing
about it. Well we reached Worcester
(in the Carrs) about 4 or 5 OClock AM-
slept there a while bought me some Doe
Nuts and a couple a Cups of Coffee, which
was nice. Then took the Carrs for Manc
-hester, where I arrived in the 10 OClock 
AM Train. Saw no one at the Depot that
I was much acqwainted with, arrive at
the House and found Rachel expecting 
me. She was in the Sink Room at work,
but I had not much more than
got the kitchen Door open than 
   then. God alone knowes
the Joy that filled my  then, in 
a moment the Scenes of the past two 
years passed through my mind the Dangers
and trials through which I had, but I
had safely passed through them all
and was again permited to meet my 
  at home. My heart was lifted
to God in Thanksgiving and Praise for
his   and loveing kindness
towards me and mine in thus permiting
us again to meat on the Shores of time,
and to Day I Praise his  and
 name for it, little Clinton
stood in the Middle of the Floor looking
thunderstruck. I went and took him
up in my Armes and talked to him and
Rachel told him that was his Father
and asked him to Speak to me, but
there was not a word escaped his lips,
and he did not Speak for as much
as 10 or 15 Minutes. after that he got
his mouth open and talked a little
but was not very talkative the rest
of that Day. Rachel said she never knew
him to be so still so long at a time before.
all the rest of the time I was at home
(after the first day) he was Chipper enough
and full of his catol. I had great
times with him. Freddie was at School,
he new me in a moment when he see
me. The little Fellow could hardly help
crying he was so pleased to see me, it
being near Dinner time when I got home
Rachel went to work to get me some Dinner.
We concluded to have some potatoes and ham.
She wanted to know how many potatoes I
could Eat--I told her about ten. She laughed
and wanted to know if I was in earnest. I
told her to try it. So She went and got them and
then went over to the Store and got 1 1/2 lbs
of Ham and cooked that. We Sat down
and we (or I) eat about my ten Potatoes,
a pound of ham, Bread and Butter pie
&c. &c.!! and as you said in your letter
to me, about her not having any apetite to
eat if She could only see me eat, and so
it was, for when She see me take hold
of the victuals, (as a Hongry Soldier only
Can) She layed her knife and fork down
declaring She could not Eat; that it done
   to see me eat. I had an
excelent apetite all the time I was at
home. We went a visiting a good deal
while I was at home, but it made no
differance about my eating, for I was dete-
-rmined to have all I wanted to eat while
at home if it was on the Table. I tell 
you! I made their Old Tables Suffer.
I told them that Rachel wanted I should
go a visiting most of the time while at
home, so I should not Eat her out of
House and Home. We went up to Fra
-nklin the next week a Thursday. Stoped
at Emilys that Night and next day. Then
went over to Lauras and stoped that Night
(Friday) and till PM the Next day Saturday. Then
went over to Emilys and
stoped that Night and Sunday.
David took us and Emily
in to his Store Sleigh
and carried us to Fishers-
ville. We should of stoped 
longer at Laures, but Willie 
was Sick with the Typhoid
Fever; and qwite Sick, and
as Iola had but just got 
well I thot She must
be pretty much tired out and
by our stoping there it would
make her so much the 
more work, but we made them
a pretty good visit. We
had a Splended time while
in Franklin. We went up 
on to a Mill Pond near the
N R R and a Splended Skate.
Freddie can Skate like a
buster. I could not help
laughing to see the little
Midgett Skip over the ice,
he can almost beat me. Rachel
had a gay time slideing down
hill while over to Lauras. I also
had a good time at Fathers.
We Stoped with them Sunday
Night and the next day went
down to Mr Charles Blacks
to see and make a Short
visit there with Rachels
sister. We stoped there till
evening and then we to the
Depot to take the 7 OClock
PM. Train for Manchester,
but its not geting along by
9 OClock we concluded to go
back to Mrs Blacks and stop
till the next morning and
then go to M. which we 
done. The day set for me
to Start back for the Army
was Thursday the 31st of Dec.
Mrs Glines got back from up
Country just the Night before
so She was just in season
to see me and send a bundle
to Edwin by me. She is looking
very well for her. I was
very glad to see her, for
Edwin (her Husband) would
feel so much better by
seeing some one that had
seen her. Well I started for
the Army Thursday in the
4 OClock Train. When I got
to Nashua Luther was at
the Lower Depot to see me.
he wrode up to the Woster
Depot with me, and there
was Hellen, and Carleton
Towns, and by the way,
Luther and his wife, Hellen
and Christiana came up to
M. to see me Wednesday the
23rd and stoped till the
next day, so I did not stop
to see them when I came 
back, but as I have told you
I see Luther and Hellen at
the Depot as I came through
N. Well I had good Success
all the way back to Camp
and reached here all right
Saturday the 2nd day of Jan.
1864, and now I  say
that I  spent
12 happier Days in all my
life than I did the 10 or 12
days that I was at home.
I met with as  a reception
at  as I could ask for. it
was all a loveing Husband or
a Fond Father could wish for
and there was nothing transpired
during all my Stay at home to
Mar our pleasures or happiness
and blessed Blessed seasons
did I have with my good
Christian Brothran and Sisters.
I loved my home and
Family well ehough before,
but I love them a 
  ; since I
have returned to the Army.
  , be it ever
so humble there is no place 
like . I must acknowl
-edge that I felt a little home
sick for a few days after I
got back, but I have got most over
it now. Time flyes fast, and
if the Lord will, I shall
be with those loved ones
again in a little more than
Seven Months. Freddie felt
very Proud with his new
Jacket, and Rachel very
thankful. She wrote me
that you had writen to
her. She rec. the letter
but did not tell me
much what you wrote.
I suppose you have heard
from Charlie or you would 
of told her you had not
and She would of told 
me. You must write and
let me know as soon 
as you get this, and all
other news. my health 
continues excelent and
Spirets good. I had a
letter from home last
Night they were all well
it has been Splended
weather here for the past
two weeks, but looks like
a Storm some now. we
have got excelent Quarters,
(for Soldiers) they are said to
be the best in the Army
of the Potomac. 41 of
our Old members have rein
-listed for Three years more.
They get between 700, and $800.
bounty a piece in all and
35 days Furlough. They have
not catched me with their
Greenback Bait yet. They
may, but    
. I know of no news to
write but you get as soon
or sooner than I do. The pros
-pects of soon crushing the
Rebelion look encouraging now.
Write as soon as I get this.
God bless you, from your
Affectionate Brother T C Cheney
please excuse mistakes for I have not time to look
this over  T. C. C.