Camped Near Pig Point Va. Jan 2nd 1863

Dear Brother & Sister
	I rec. your kind and good
letter of the 20th the 27th and was I
assure you very happy to hear from you.
I am very thankful to you for those Stamps.
They came just in time, for I had nearly
out, but Rachel has sent me one Dollars
worth since then so I have enough to last
a Month or two more. I have never complained
because you have not written to me before
I have heard before what a hard time
Emily was having. I am glad to hear
now she is geting along so well. I have
ever felt that I had your Sympathys
and your Strongest Friendship, and knowing
that I have many good Friends in N H.
it has helped to keep up my Spirets when
otherwise I might of felt low Spireted.
You ask me to give you an account of
the Battle. I hardly can not give you
so good an account of it as you have
seen in the papers, for I did not see any
of it only on the extreme Left of our
Armey where we were Stationed, and did
not see much of it there. that is the Infantry
fighting, that was done mostly in the Centre
of the Left Wing. (Franklins Grand Division).
The extreme left where we were it was
mostly Artillery Fighting, and our Battery
took a very active part in it, from Friday
PM (when we first  Crossed) till Saturday
at Dark resting only Friday Night. As you
already know the Armey crossed the River
on a Friday Dec 12th, our Battery did not
get across till a little Past Noon. We
crossed and went up on to the Flat on
the other sided about 1/4 of a Mile from
the river and were just going in to Park
(that is taking a position a Battery does when
they go in to Camp and do not unlimber their
Guns) when a Rebel Battery opned on us
and I believe it was the first Gun (Cannon) the
Rebes had fired on our Forces since they
commenced the attack on the Rebes, so you
see we were the first to get in to the
Fight as usual. We imediatly advanced to
a better position nearer the Rebes and opned
on them, so we were about the first to opne
fire on them from the other Side of the
River, (so we were the first to opne the
the Fight at Antietam). Well we Blaised away
for a couple of hours and finding that
they could do us no harm nor we them
as far as we could see, we ceased fireing
for the rest of the Day, firing a Shot
occasionly to keep the Rebes stured up.
We Stoped in this Position all Night, it
came my turn to go on Guard that Night,
in the fore part of the Night the Rebes
(a few of them) advanced most half Way
betwen our Pickets and theirs and Set
Fire to a House two Barnes and Several Stacks
of (what seemed to be) Hay and Straw, and
such a beautiful fire as that made I
never saw I believe, it set nearly in the
Centre of a Large Plain, and it threw
its light around for two or three Miles,
it was beautiful I tell you. Why they
burned it I have never yet learned. The
next morning we moved further down
to the extreme Left where our Division
(Gen Doubledays) had gone, soon after we
got there we opned fire and keped it up
all day long changeing our Position two or
three time to get a better Position, it
was here that we lost 3 Men killed and
4 wounded. 8 others were hit but the Skin
was not brokned, only brused, at Night
we took a new Position (not far from
where we had been Fireing all day) near
a Road which had a high embankment
thrown up to answer the purpos of a Stone
wall they not having many Stone here. We
made this embankment serve the Purpos
of a Brest Work and it is well we done
so, for there must of been some of
our men hit by the Reb. Sharp Shooters. The next two days (Sunday
& Monday) that we Stoped there behind it
we had one man hit as it was, but the
ball did not break the Skin, it passed through
the bank so it lost its force by the time it
Struck him. One of our horses however had
his leg Broken by their Sharp Shooters
while we were in this Position, and we
had to kill him. We Stoped in this position
Sunday & Monday not fireing a Gun but ready
to opne on the Rebes should fire on us, but
they did not do so, and we did not on them.
One of our Batterys fired a few rounds
at the Rebes; but they did not see fit to reply
so our Guns ceased firing Monday Eve. We
were Ordered to be ready to move or opne fire
at a Seconds notice. We knew not what was to take
place till about 9 OClock
at Night Gen Reynolds and Staff rode
by our Battery to the
left of us, and then those
of us who were awake
see what was up. Soon
after he passed us a Battery
that was on our Left
was seen to move off one
Gun at a time, after
that got of the Gen rode
up to our Battery and Wanted
to see our Cammander.
We were then got off
the Same way the other
Battery was, and so it
was with all the Batterys
also the Infantry. We
were all got off without
the loss of a Gun or a Man
except Straglers. Whatever
may be said about the 
Battle of Fredericksburg, the
Crossing and recrossing of
the Rappahannock was
a Skilful manover, and
reflects the highest credit
on the Militery Skill of
the Cammanding General,
especily the recrossing
of the River. The fight was
a bad thing, but I shall 
not Blame Burnside for
the failure of his plan.
There are other causes that
worked against him. I
am as willing to fight
under him to day as ever.
I believe next time he
will meet with better
Success and think he
will, as to the removal of
McClellan I have nothing
to Say. I do not know whether
it was best. I think Burnside
as well but can not tell
McClellan is a good Gen but awful Slow, perhaps
Sometimes it is best to be so, but I must draw to a close
for this time as you already know. Through the Providence
of God I have again escaped the Dangers of the Battle
Field for which I feel very thankful to . You ask if
I am in the want of a nother Pair of Gloves such as you let
me have before. I am not, those are good yet. As to any thing
else, perhaps there are some things if I had at this time
would be very acceptable and make me a litttle more Comfort-
able, but it is most to expencive to get them here. I expect
a Box from Rachel in a week or two. I have sent to her
for some things, but I do not like to  Draw on her to hard,
having her self and two Children to Clothe for Winter.
David you are willing to do any thing for me you can.
I have already experianced the kindness of your heart towards
me and mine, but I will not at this time draw on you for
any thing, but wait and see what Rachel sends me, if we
Stop where we now are all Winter perhaps I will let
you send something. You and Emily. We expect to stop
all winter where we now are, but can not tell. We
may move tomorrow if the Stormy Season sits
we can not move. You have a pretty view of the
Potomac River from where we
Camp. We can see its winding course for miles
doted thickly with Steam Boats and Sailing Craft. it
is some 2 miles from our Camp, but there is a bay from
it that comes up to within 1/4 of a Mile of our Camp.
We have Built us Log Houses with fire places, so we
are very well situated for Winter. I have not seen
Charles Paige since the Battle, but have heard from 
him, he came out all right, for which I feel very
thankful to ; my health first rate and
Spirets good, and I trust that the War will
soon be at an end, and I again home with my
Dear Family and Friends. I would like much to see
see Emilys little boy. I hope he will grow and do well.
Give my love to Laura and Family. I will now close
Praying that God will Bless you both and little one
that you may be Successful in all your just undertak
-ings and we all once more meet on Earth and finaly
in Heaven.
	This from your affectionate Brother
			Thomas C Cheney.