and Nashua or any
	NH, or Boston Paper.
	I received a letter
from Rachel the other
night. She is up to 
Franklin now a visiting
She said She was enjoying
herself very well. She
likes the appearance
of Emilys Husband very 
much. They are all
well up there. Melissa
I suppose is Married by
this time She was to be
last Thursday I believe.
Father they say is realy
going to war.  he is
going as Cook for
the Officers of the
Fisherville Co.  I must 
Close it is near bed
time and we have 
to have the lights all
out at quarter past
Eight OClock. We dont
know how soon we shall
move form here, but
it looks now as though
we should winter here
now, but we cant tell
anything about it. We
may be ordered off tomorrow
it is all uncirtain to us
here. i dont care how
soon we move. I would
like to go South.
Gen McDowell reviewed
his Devision yestarday.
We belong to his Devision
There were some Eight
or Ten Thousand Troops
at the review.
	Write as soon as
you get this and tell 
me all the news tell 
Hellen to write to me.
Give her my love, good 
Evening, and may God bless
you is the Prayer of your
Affectionate Brother  T C Cheney