Manchester Dec 18
My dear H.
	I am up this 
morning early for the reason
I coud not lay in bed. So
I thought I would write you
just a line. We are here all
of us. Christie has been down
town evry day this week. All
daylong trying to dispose of
the things, but I cannot learn
from him much about
what he is doing. He is
rather inclined to keep his
his afairs to himself, but I
dont think they have disposed
of any thing except Iron rods 
and a Little Oil. I think Benj
is a little anxious to know what
he is going to do, but Clint 
is unconcerned to all appearances
when he is in the house he is 
fooling and sleeping. As long
as he has got a place to eat
and sleep he is not going to
trouble himself. Willie sent 
them an order for about
ninety pounds of candy.
They bought the candy and
sent it last night. They will
not make much on it.
	Clint got a splendid
letter from Fred Monday. he
read it before he came home
then sit down and read it
to us, and you would of
supposed he was reading a
story. it seemed to affect 
him just the same. I fear
it will not have the desired
affect, any length of time,
for last night he was going 
to meeting. Kittie and I told
him we would like to go with
him, he said no not with
him. before he went or it was
time to go he learned that
the Bennet girl was not
going so he goes on the street
and spends his whole evening
get home a little past nine.
I hope Clint will do well. I
think Fred has many anxious
hours about him. I will send
his letter as soon as I can
get him to answer it. He goes
on to discribe or show C. how
young Dexter began to go down
and he commensed just
as Clint has. Some how I
dont and cant keep him
out of my mind night or
day How does the blanket go
does it have the desired affect.
Kittie and I slelpt real warm
and nice last night. I wish
you had a good soft bed
and I would try the feather
bed again and if you dont
sleep any warmer for it you
can take it off again.
Well it is time to get some
breakfast so I will close
hoping to hear from soon.
		Ever your affec.
			R E C