Camp Dupont Va
		Near Munsons Hill
		Jan 20th 1862
Dear Brother and Sister
	I received yours of the 12th
last Thursday; and as it
is stormy to day and nothing
else to do, I will try and
answer your letter. I am
happy to hear that you have
got a better chanse (Luther)
to work, where you can
make more pay; but there
is one thing, you can not
have so long a job there
as you had on the Corp.
but perhaps you can have 
a job there again as soon
as they start up. They
have got a job up to
Manchester in the Old 
Shop to Make Guns, so
I hear. Father has not 
writtten to me since I have
been here, one reason is
I suppose, I have not written
to him. I have been expecting
that the 7th Reg. would
come out here, but it seemes
that they are not, but are
going with Gen. Butlers
Division. I did not receive
those papers that you sent
me. Papers do not come so
direct as letters as a general
thing. I have received two
papers from Hellen, one was
a Pictorial and one the Telegraph.
The Telegraph is a good paper
I think. I got a good deal of
interesting matter out of
it. Those came direct that
hellen sent me. I hate
Va. Mud as bad as ever, but
as for Va. Negroes there are
not many of them here. 
They have fled, some with
their Masters and some have
fled in to the land
of freedom, become Controbands.
There has been a few here
a choping wood for Munson
in that Grove that we first 
Camped in when we came here.
I talked with them some,
and they were quite inteligent
and worked well to, better
than Prishmon.
	Then Lydia you think 
that we are in a fine part 
of the Country do you, and
that there are fine Houses
here. You would never leave
NH. again, if you were here
now, it is Mud!!!! Mud !!!!
Mud!!!! it sometimes pulls
a mans Boots off, and it has
rained most of the time for
two or three weeks. You
say that you would like to
be where you could send me
something to to eat. It would
be first rate and no mistake, but
I dont need it just now, for
I received a Box of Provisions
from Rachel last Saturday. She
sent me pies, Cakes, Butter, Cheese,
Ginger Snaps, a vest and two pair
of feeting, &c, so you see I am
haveing a rich treat just at
this time. I had for Dinner
to day, bean Soup Tea, Bread
and butter, Cheese Hogs Head Cheese,
Ginger snaps and mince pie. What
do you think of that for a Soldiers
fare. Well we dont have that
kind of food every day, but
have that that is very good, 
good healthy food. We had
some nice Baked Beans
yestarday, (Sunday). They were
Baked in an oven that we made
in the Ground out of Brick
where a house had been burned
down, and it is a nice one to.
as for nice Houses, you
would call yours a Palace by
the side of the ones they
have out here. They are awful homley
things, at least the most that I
have seen, but I must close
Write often both of you. good day,
from your Brother     T C Cheney.