Camped Near Warrenton Va.
		Nov. 9th 1862
My Dear Brother
	Once more you 
see I write from Va. the 
Armey is on the advance and
Rebes  this time,
since I wrote to you last we
have traveled some 80 or 90
miles Southward. we crossed 
the Potomac at Berlin Md.
just below Harpers Ferry
and are now some 60 miles 
from Berlin and five miles 
from the Rappahannock
River. So you see we are near
our our old fighting Ground
again, in fack we Camp not
a hundred rods from the 
same spot we did when we
Marched from Rappahannock
Station to White Sulpher just
before the Battle of Bull
Run. Things look now as
though we were to push
on to Richmond this fall.
I hope so any way. I would
like to winter in; beyond
or near there this winter 
if we are to go in to Winter
Quarters any where. I hope
the next letter I write to
you will be headed  or something like 
that.  We have had no
fighting since the Great 
Battle of Antietum except
last Sunday (a week ago today)
and Monday when we were
advancing in to this state,
our Cavelry which was in the
advance run a foul of a large
Rebel force near a place called
Philamont. the Rebes drove
them Back haveing a Battery
with then, finaly a Battery
of Horse Artillery (so called
by the Cannonears being Mounted
on Horse back) went to the
assistance of our Cavelry and
checked the Rebes and drove
them back a little. our
Battery and the Brigade to
which we are connected were
then sent to their assistance.
we arived at Philamont Sunday
about 10 OClock AM and immedia
-tely went in to action. we were
Split up (our Battery) in to
three different parts or Each
section went different ways
most of the two days
we would go to a Position
where we could flank the
Rebel Battery. We would get
in to Position and open on them
with a few rounds then they 
would limber up and off
to a new Position, and we would
repeat the flanking manover
again, and again they would
up and off to a new position,
and that was the way we 
kept it up for the two days
driving them through the
villages of Unison and Upper-
ville to Ashleys Gap in the
Bleu Ridge Mts. a distance
of some 10 miles, it was an
exciting chace you better
believe. we blew up two or
three of their Caissons and
killed and wounded several 
of their Men. Some were
killed and wounded on our side
but not one in our Battery
except one wounded a little
in the upper lip, it would
seem as though God protected
and watched over us as a Comp
-any. We have met with so little 
loss since we have been here.
We have not had a Man Killed yet
and but few wounded, and they except
two, Slightly, but the very 
next time we go in to Action
we may all cut up, but I trust
in God we may not. I rec.
your kind letter of the 18th
inst. the 29th and was very 
happy to hear from you. I 
should of written to you before
but I have not had the time.
We are on the March now
so it will be difficult
for me to write very often
but I will write to my
Brother and Sisters as often
as I can, but I must write
to my wife any way. You 
ask if there is anything you
can do for me. I was always
sort of indipendant you know
and never liked to call on
any one for assistance if I
was ever so bad off. Well 
I am not bad off and am 
not suffering for anything,
but as I told you I like to
write to you all. I should 
answer you sometimes sooner
than I do, but I have not
the Postage Stamps to put
on the letters, nor the
Money to buy then with.
it is now Six Months since
we have been Paid of or that
the Government owes us for,
and the Prospects are not very
good of our for a Month
or two to come, and where
a man gets only 13 Dollars a
Month and sends that most
all home, he can not have
much at the end of Six Months.
it has been so long since I
have sent any home I think
Rachel must be geting qwite
Short by this time, so for
this reason I have not sent
to Rachel for Stamps or
Money, but she has sent
me a few Stamps enough to
put on the letters I write
to her, and to day I got a
letter from her with one 
of those .25 cts Postage Stamps
courancy bills in it. She was
short of money when she sent
it, and I should send it back
to her again but I know
she would not like. I can
get a long without the
money well, but I would
like some letter Stamps,
for I love to get letters
from my Relitives and Friends,
it seemes to bring me near 
home, but I can not expect
to rec. letters from them
unless I answer theirs.
I should not of been able to
of answered this letter if
you had not of had the
kindness to of sent me a Sta
-mp in your letter, now
if you are a mined to I
would like to have you send 
me some Stamps, and I will
be very much obliged to you
you for it and shall feel
for ever indebted to you
and  will bless you
for your kindness to your
Soldier Brother. I would
not ask you to do it Luther,
but I love to write to you
all and some I do not feel
like to asking to send me
any. David Gilchrist sent
me a nomber, and you sent
me some, but they have all
gone long ago and 50 cts worth
more that I run in debt for
when I was in this same 
Town last before this time, 
but enough of this.   Our
Capt. returned to our Camp 
when we were at Upperville
and we were glad to have
him come back to I tell
you, but he has been appo
-inted Chief of Artillery
on Doubledays Staff so we
are not much better of now,
though he Can help us to
things that we could not
get so readily before. Leut.
Wadleigh who was wounded
at Bull Run and went home
on a furlough, has got
back, so you see we are
geting all hunks again.
we also expect some more
of our men back soon
that were taken Prisoners
at Bull Run. I think
I told you that we had
got or were a going to
have Rifled Guns instead
of the Howitzers, well
we have got them and had
an opertunity to try them
for the first time in
that two days Skourmish
and we like them much.
we can stand off now
at proper distance and Plu
-nk the Rebes. with the 
Howitzers we had to get in
amongst the Small stuff,
and that is to close for
Artillery for Infantry
always pick of Cannonears
when they can. the Rebes
Sharp Shooters tried it
on us at Antietam, but throu
-gh the Providence of 
only one man was hit, yes
Bull Run, and I rather
think  would
of done the same, though
I do not think he would of
hated to worse than . I hope I never
shall have an opertunity
or occasion to do the like
again to an Enemy of my
Country. That was not our
John Fife that is dead, but
Relative of his, his name is 
J W Fife. then Orison
is realy going to learn the
Printers traid is he. I hope
he will do well and form
no bad habbits. I am glad
to hear that Business is so
good in new England. I
am glad that Father has
got a chance to work at
his traid. i saw Charles
Paige at Upperville, he
is well and hearty and
in good Spirets. The 5th 
6th 9th and 10 amd 11 NH
Regiments were near us
one day while we stoped
at Upperville. I saw qwite
a nomber of Manchester
Boys, that I knew. you
asked me how I supply
my self with Paper. I had
qwite a lot on hand, run in 
debt for some, and Rachel
sent me qwite a lot in a Box
a short time a go that was
sent to one of our men. I
have all the Paper that I
can conveniantly cary, usualy
when we are Paid of our
Sergeamt Major goes in
to Washington and we send
by him and get our Stationary
&c, it is qwite cold here now
we had qwite a snow Storm
day before yestarday, but
we mannage to get along very
well, as to our liveing, we
get along with that very well.
the boys confiscate a Pig 
or Turkey or Chicken or eggs 
or flower occasionly, but
I do not like to go in qwite
so I Steap yet as to take the
liveing of the Familys, away
from them, though it might
be proper perhapes to make
them divide, the flower
workes in qwite handy when
a man can get it it can
generaly be bought, and when
we run across an old Seceshers
Mill we confiscate the flower
what we can Cary, he would of let the
Rebes of had it if we did not take. So it
is only taking so much from the Rebel
Armey what we take from a Flower Mill,
at Unison where we drove the Rebes out
last Sunday, there was an old Seceshers
open and caried off what ever they had a
mind to. I went in to it the next Morning
and found some things  on the floor among
the Rubbish, I found a Pair of Gloves and 
sent them to Rachel, and also found some Green
Mill Bread, and I will send Lydia a piece
of it. my health is excellent and am in good
Spirets and Trust that I may be at home with
you all by a nother Summer. Tell Hellen
that I have rec. several Papers from her
and am very much obliged to her for them
that they afforded a good deal of Pleasure in
reading them. I have rec. two letters from
you since I wrote to you last. I will always
try and answer yours as soon as I can and I
want you to do the same to me. Write to
if you do not get one from me, but I have
written qwite a long letter so I will close for
this time Praying that God will bless you 
all; give my love to your Family and all enq
-uireing Friends. From your Affectionate Brother
				T C Cheney