Camped at Culpepper C H Va. Oct 2nd, 1863
Dear Brother
	I rec. your kind letter
of the 27th inst yesterday and was
very happy to hear from you. I 
also rec. the Pictorial you sent, 
at the same time. I am much 
obliged to you for it. It is
quite interesting. Tell Lydia
I am Verry!! Verry!!! much obliged
to her for the Tea She sent to
me, it is Nice. I steeped some for
Supper last Night and again this
Morning. It was just what I
wanted, for I had sort of a 
dull Head Ache yestarday, and
that Tea was good for it. where 
I have to drink Coffee most
all the time as I have had to
lately; I am very apt to have 
the Head Ache, one of our Boys
that went home on a Furlough
brought me out 1 Pound of Tea
when he came back, but I had 
used that most all up. I have not
more than enough for a couple
of Messes more. I always like to
have a little on hand in case I am
sick, it is so much better than Coffee.
I wish I might get a pretty Bird
or Squirel to send her, but they
are scarse. I have seen none different
from what you have in NH, even
if I could find any it would be
very difficult to get them to you.
I could not send them by mail. 
Perhaps I may find something pretty 
to send. Yes, as you say the Copper 
Heads got most a terible thrashing
in Maine, sort of a Gettysburg to
them, now. I hope they will
catch it in Penn--NY,--and
Ohio, the same, then they will
be likely to dry up about making 
Peace with the Traitors of the
South. The Soldier is the Man that
has to suffer most in this war,
but you do not hear Him crying
Peace at any Price, Not He. He says
lay down your Armour, Swear allea
-gence to the Constitution and the
Union then you shall have Peace.
We will not suffer to have all
the Labour we have done and the
Trials we have passed through, thrown
away by a few Cowardly petafogling
Copperhead Polititians of the North,
Not We. So let them take warning.
Rosecrans it seemes has met with a 
reverse at or near Chattanooga. I guess
he and his Men found some differance
in fighting Longstreets and Hills
Troops from Lees Army to what
they have heretofore in fighting
Brags and Brechenriges Troops. They
have found out now what kind of
struggle the Army of the Potomac
has had to deal with, but the Old
Army of the Potomac, has always
been able to take care of them when
they have fought them on any thing
like an equal footing. I will make
a statement which I think will 
prove true, "the next time that
Brag; Longstreet; and Hill fight 
Rosecrans; they will find they are
fighting against some (or a good many)
of the Old Soldiers of the Army of
the Potomac. I know not for a cirt
-inty that any Troops have gone from 
this Army to reinforce Rosecrans, but
I am as well satisfied of it as though
I did know it that there has from
two to four Army Corps left
here for that purpos. This will
reduce Meads forces so small
that Probably there will not be
much done by this Army this
fall unless the Johney Rebes should
take a notion of trying us on again,
it has rained Very hard here all
the AM, it came down in torrents.
Lydia would think our house (or Tent)
made of very thyn Cotton Cloth very
poor protection against such a storm.
it is rather poor, as the rain spatters
right through it, but we mannage to
get along first rate, my health is
excellent and Spirets good the health 
of the Co. is good. We expect 30 new
men here this week to join the
Battery. The Gov. has notified the 
Capt. that he has sent that number.
That will entitle us to two more Guns, that
will be much better than a 4 Gun Battery.
Rachel and the Children were all well
the last I heard from them. Write
to me. Give her my love, accept for
5 x
yourself and Family, your Brother T C Cheney