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The search for Collection Name: Sandy Freedman, in the New Hampshire Library of Traditional Music and Dance Recordings returned 430 result(s).

Sandy Freedman collection (Columbia 8226-F)
Artists: Sholom Secunda Orchestra; Aaron Lebedeff
Tracks: Roumania, Roumania; Dos Oibershte Fun Shtoisel

Sandy Freedman collection (M-G-M 12149)
Artists: Hyman, Dick Trio
Tracks: Moritat; Baubles, Bangles, and Beads

Sandy Freedman; Ted Sannella; Jon Thunberg; Charles Francisco collection (Folk Dancer MH 3023)
Artists: Duquesne University Tamburitzans; Walter B. Kolar
Tracks: Poskakusa; Makazice (Scissors); Bela Rada (Fair Maiden Rada)

Sandy Freedman; Square Dance Foundation of New England (SDFNE) collection (Windsor 7647)
Artists: Poole, George Orchestra; Rhythmates
Tracks: Bernice Waltz; Main Street Rag (Twelth Street Rag)

Sandy Freedman collection (Folkraft F 1174)
Artists: Folkraft International Orchestra; Frank L. Kaltman
Tracks: Black Nag; Sellinger's Round (The Beginning of the World)

Sandy Freedman collection (Imperial 1053)
Artists: Saragusa, Dominick and His Orchestra
Tracks: Sicilian Tarantella; La Danza

Bob Bennett; Sandy Freedman; Reuben Merchant; Ted Sannella; Jon Thunberg; Charles Francisco; The Durham Reelers collection (Folk Dancer MH 1056)
Artists: Herman's, Michael Folk Orchestra
Tracks: Zigeuner Polka (Gypsy Polka); Drei Lederne Strompf (Three Leather Stockings)

Sandy Freedman; Square Dance Foundation of New England (SDFNE) collection (XOPO X-303)
Artists: Unknown
Tracks: Eleno Mome; Narodno Horo

Sandy Freedman; Square Dance Foundation of New England (SDFNE) collection (Old Timer 8015)
Artists: Sexton; Roy and His Arizona Hoedowners; Johnny Melton, caller
Tracks: Take A Peek (Boil Dem Cabbage Down); Four Leaf Clover (The Gal I Left Behind Me)

Sandy Freedman; Ted Sannella collection (Folkraft F 1024)
Artists: Woodhull's Old Tyme Masters; Floyd Woodhull, caller
Tracks: Forward All - Kick in the Middle; Wabash Cannon Ball