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The search for Collection Name: Sandy Freedman, in the New Hampshire Library of Traditional Music and Dance Recordings returned 430 result(s).

Sandy Freedman; Square Dance Foundation of New England (SDFNE) collection (Blue Star BS 1572)
Artists: The Texans
Album: Blue Star

Sandy Freedman collection (Tanze der Volker T 6121)
Artists: Paul Kickstat (Komponist); Karl Marx (instrumentation)
Tracks: Mazurka; Lorenz

Sandy Freedman collection (Tanze der Volker T 6122)
Artists: Blumensaat, Georg
Tracks: Jagerquadrille; Grober Wirbel

Sandy Freedman; Brownlow Thompson collection (Lloyd Shaw 3305 / 3306)
Artists: Fred Bergin; Marie Armstrong, caller; Don Armstrong, caller
Tracks: Serenata Quadrille (It Happened In Monterey); Cattle Call Waltz Quadrille (Cattle Call)

Sandy Freedman collection (Square L SL 104)
Artists: Square L Outlaws; Melton Luttrell, caller
Tracks: Slowpoke (with and without calls)

Sandy Freedman; Win Tilley collection (Folkraft 1139)
Artists: Folkraft Americana Orchestra
Tracks: Lady In The Boat; Petronella

Sandy Freedman; Charles Francisco collection (Jugoton EPY 3009)
Artists: Zajko Kokorajko; Dimna Juda, Mamo- Dervisko Visko Mome
Tracks: Durdino Oro; Kopacko

Sandy Freedman; Ralph Page collection (Folkraft 1458)
Artists: Grabado en Mexico
Tracks: La Cucaracha; Corrido (Eso Si, Eso No)

Sandy Freedman collection (Tikva 2)
Artists: Shai Burstyn
Album: Dance With Rikva

Sandy Freedman collection (Nina 4510)
Artists: Unknown
Tracks: Eim' A poye Sta Mepakia; Xasapiko Papa.I.Oannoy