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The search for Collection Name: Win Tilley, in the New Hampshire Library of Traditional Music and Dance Recordings returned 413 result(s).

Win Tilley collection (Sunny Hills AC 127)
Artists: Barbour, Jack and his Rhythm Rustlers
Tracks: Up Jumped the Devil; Barbour's Itch

Win Tilley; Charles Francisco collection (Folkraft 1261)
Artists: Folkraft Americana Orchestra; Frank L. Kaltman, caller
Tracks: Birdie in the Cage; Miller's Reel

Win Tilley collection (Windsor 4-524)
Artists: Poole, George Orchestra
Tracks: Poor Butterfly; Mountain Greenery

Win Tilley; Charles Francisco collection (Grenn 12134)
Artists: Russ, Al Orchestra; Dick Leger, caller
Tracks: Si Senor (with and without calls)

Win Tilley collection (Windsor 4141)
Artists: Sundowner's Band
Tracks: Little Shoemaker; Ready, Willing and Able

Win Tilley collection (ESP 602)
Artists: Southern Satisfaction; Larry Leston, caller
Tracks: Mama Don't Allow (with and without calls)

Win Tilley; Charles Francisco collection (Top Caller 25303)
Artists: Russal's Men; Dick Jones, caller
Tracks: Running Bear

Win Tilley; Stig Malmo collection (J Bar L 4122)
Artists: Rhythm Outlaws Band
Tracks: Witch Doctor; Fit on a Fiddle

Country Dance and Song Society (CDSS); Win Tilley collection (Folkraft 1324)
Artists: Marlin, Sleepy
Tracks: Fisher's Hornpipe; Big John McNeil

Bob Bennett; Win Tilley collection (MacGregor 8915)
Artists: Messina, Frank and the Mavericks; Fenton "Jonesy" Jones
Tracks: Home Sweet Home Square (with and without calls)