UNH Library Toolbar

The UNH Library Toolbar is a browser extension with a set of tools to search the library catalog and databases.


The toolbar is available for Google Chrome. Install for Chrome.

The Firefox version is no longer supported.

Features and Use

Search the Library Catalog and Databases

Search the library catalog or selected databases directly from your browser rather than having to navigate to each search form.

First click the toolbar icon (UNH logo). Choose the catalog or database from the link above the search box. Select the field to search from the menu to the left. Multiple terms may be added using the down arrow directly to the right of the search box.

The toolbar also allows you to highlight titles, authors, or keywords from any webpage, right-click, and search for them in the library catalog or Google Scholar.

Embedded Cues

The toolbar provides embedded "cues," the UNH logo, within selected search engines and book-related sites like Google.com or Amazon.com. The cues link to a search in the UNH Library catalog for the ISBN of the title.

Search by ISBN, DOI ID, or PubMed ID

The toolbar will automatically turn many ISBNs, DOI IDs, and PubMed IDs found on any webpage into a link to a search in the UNH Library catalog or a check for full text.

Google Scholar Support

The UNH Library Toolbar enables you to select a bibliographic citation, drag, and drop it into the toolbar icon (UNH logo) to search in Google Scholar.

Off-campus Access

Databases searched through the toolbar should automatically provide off-campus access. However, the toolbar also allows you to reload any page using the library proxy for off-campus access. Just right-click and select "Reload page via UNH Off-campus Access."


By using this extension you may send the URL of the page you are currently visiting to the library's catalog server. This information is sent only if you are actively using the toolbar; it is never sent automatically.


The UNH Library Toolbar is an edition of the LibX toolbar created by Annette Bailey and Godmar Back at Virginia Tech.