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What can be found in Articles, Books & More?

Our trial search box on the home page provides a single place to search for a wide variety of academic material provided by the library. The material covered by the search box includes books, journals, scores, video and audio recordings, and other physical items held by the UNH Library. The search also covers ebooks and full text journals owned by the library, as well as online material provided by the library from a variety of sources.

What cannot be found in Articles, Books & More?

You Need Why it may not be in Articles, Books & More Where to Search
Journal articles Articles, Books & More allows searches for many journal articles. However, there are many print and online journals that are available from the library that cannot be searched at an article level within Articles, Books & More. Search in a database for the subject. Find databases in a research guide for the subject.
Books and other items not owned by the UNH Library Articles, Books & More is primarily intended for finding items owned or made available by the UNH Library. Most books and other items not owned by the UNH Library will not be found. Books & Media Worldwide allows you to find books and other items held by other libraries, both nearby and across the country. You can then request these items using Interlibrary Loan.
Websites Articles, Books & More includes selected websites of scholarly interest. However, the vast majority of websites are not included. Use a standard web search engine, such as Google or Bing. For US government information try
Information about the library Information from the UNH Library website (such as hours, staff directory, etc.) is not included in Articles, Books & More. Use the About Us section of the library web site.

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Detailed instructions for finding all types of library materials are located on the Find page.

For further assistance, Ask a Librarian.