UNH Unplugged: An Exhibition on Energy

September 12 - December 15, 2006

A wind turbine atop Thompson Hall and the Discovery Program Dialogue logo: a fist-shaped lightbulb burning bright.

As part of the UNH Discovery Program's Dialogue on Energy, UNH unplugged was timed to contribute to the global talk about the health of our planet. Most agree that the greenhouse gases resulting from a century of burning fossil fuels has contributed to global warming. This exhibit posed the question: what can WE do about it?

The UNH campus teamed up with incentives, programs, and research as part of an international effort to reverse global warming. Though UNH has not been unplugged from the power grid, as the title may imply, the exhibit offered a history of local energy use and highlighted many ways this institution can keep its dorms warm while taking action to keep the planet cool.

See the article in the UNH Magazine online.