Students of the Sea: History of the UNH Marine Program

September 21 - December 21, 2001
Dale Valena, curator

In 1927 Professor C. Floyd Jackson had an idea that would chart a course for the University of New Hampshire in the area of marine science so diverse it is worthy of its own exhibition. His idea was to create an 8-week summer course for undergraduates to learn about marine science on-site. A year later he opened the Marine Zoological Laboratory on Appledore Island at the Isles of Shoals.

What "Prof" Jackson started has developed into a multitude of educational opportunities, research, and cooperative work that affect regional and global decisions concerning marine affairs. Since Jackson's tenure, new labs have been built, departments added, and a rebirth of his Appledore Island facilities (still the nation's only marine field study program dedicated to undergraduate education). The exhibit traced key developments of the UNH Marine program through an historic timeline of displays.

For more information, please see the UNH Marine Program Timeline.

A mannequin diver hangs from the ceilingAn older man sits on a bench