Out of the Box & Into the Light: Photographs from Special Collections and Archives

February 4 - April 2, 2011

Dramatic black and white of a building architecture
Die Handschrift des Architekten, 1929 by Ursula Wolff Schneider

Inside the anonymous-looking rows of gray boxes that house the Milne Special Collections and Archives manuscript collections lurk thousands of fascinating photographs ranging in form from tintype to digitally produced images. Some of these photographs support the history told in the manuscript boxes that contain them, while others stand on their own as art collections. The stories behind the photos and why UNH owns them are as varied as the collections themselves.

The exhibit featured approximately 60 photographs including works by German photographers Lotte Jacobe and Ursula Wolff Schneider. Also on display were examples of glass plate negatives, daguerreotypes, and historic equipment.

To reduce the damaging effects of light, photographs from these collections were displayed for brief periods of time only.

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