Mary Scheier at Work

Girls watching woman doing pottery
Mary Scheier demonstrating pottery techniques at the 14th Annual League of New Hampshire Crafts Fair, Franconia Notch Craft Center, 1946. The little girls observing Mary Scheier are Karen and Beth Haslerud, family friends of the Scheiers.

"I have a short tape from that time that shows Mary at work and my students gasp with disbelief as she pulls up a tall pitcher in about three gestures. Beginners watching her think of it as sleight-of-hand. More experienced potters can readily tell that what she's doing is impossible. Certainly it's not something that was ever found in any text."

"My parents were neighbors of the Scheiers. When my mother would bake cookies she would have me take some to Mary and Ed. After a few days, Mary would bring over one of her bowls and give it to my mother. My mother would say, 'Mary, I can't take your pottery,' to which Mary would reply, 'we're just exchanging baked goods.'"