A Campus in Focus: UNH Photographers

October 1, 1999 - March 3, 2000
Dale Valena, Museum Curator

Photoshoot setup showing Moran at work
Clement Moran taking freshman photos, 1925
See his photography in Digital Collections

This exhibition featured the work of Clement "Centimeter" M. Moran and his legacy of approximately 15,000 images of campus life from 1914-1940.

When Moran died in 1940, he left a void that would take almost a decade to fill by a new era of professional staff photographers. Examples of the fine work of Richard Merritt, John Adams, Gary Samson, Ron Bergeron, Doug Prince, and Lisa Nugent demonstrate the important role of the photographer as campus historian, artist, and technician.

Among the features were prints documenting university life, dark room chemicals, camera equipment, and a poster-size restoration print of the man responsible for launching the University's pictorial history.

Special thanks to Jennifer Carroll, Gary Samson, and Ron Bergeron for their curatorial contributions to this exhibit. Thanks also to the continued support of the Special Collections and Archives staff and intern Terry Tremblay.

The exhibit was made possible in part by the E. Ruth Buxton Stephenson Memorial Fund and we thank her family for their support.

Photography Exhibit Wall Christensen Hall photo by Adams Train Snow-sculpture photo by Merritt UNH Theater Actress photo by Samson Thompson Hall photo by Bergeron Hockey Players photo by Nugent