Selected Physics Resources


  • e-Print archive (aka LANL)
  • DOE Information Bridge - provides full text and bibliographic records of U.S.Department of Energy (DOE) research reports in physics, chemistry, materials, biology, environmental sciences, energy technologies, engineering, computer and information science, renewable energy, and more. Links to EnergyFiles, the Virtual Library of Energy Science and Technology.
  • INSPIRE Database - formerly SPIRES HEP; run by the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) since the late 1960s, this covers particle physics literature worldwide. Use the Help pages for search tips and syntax.
  • Physics resources from SLA-PAM
  • Astronomy resources from SLA-PAM
  • PhysNet - the worldwide Physics Departments and Documents Network

Handbooks & Data

  • Landolt-Bornstein's numerical data and functional relationships in science and technology (print only) - a massive compendium of data, useful in chemistry, physics, and other fields with a strong emphasis on properties and behaviors of atoms, molecules, mixtures, and materials. Use one of the following indexes Organic Searchable, Organic Static, 2006, Inorganic to get volume and page references.
  • DOE Data Explorer (DDE) - unique tool that identifies collections of Department of Energy-sponsored numeric files, figures and data plots, multimedia and images, computer simulations, specialized databases, and interactive data maps. Links to customized interfaces developed by data owners and to software toolkits that allow you to manipulate, compare, visualize, download, and reuse the data. Data is hosted at national laboratories, data centers, scientific user facilities, colleges, and universities involved in DOE projects.

Online Journals & Other Full-text Resources

Online journals that are available through UNH are searchable by title, subject, and keyword in the UNH Library's online catalog. You can limit your search to just "Periodicals and Newspapers" which will yield a more focused result list.

  • UNH Library Online Journal List - you can check for journals accessible at UNH by broad subject areas, or search by title.
  • TRAIL-Technical Report Archive and Image Library: a growing digital archive with a goal of providing persistent, unrestricted access to early U.S. federal technical reports (most prior to 1982). This is an academic collaboration that is not crosslinked to the federal government search engines. As of Spring 2009, this holds 1000+ reports in full text and is an excellent source for National Bureau of Standards monographs.

Other Links

  • European Space Agency home page
  • ESA Space Environments & Effects - The European Space Agency's space environments page includes links to their reports, data and computational tools, space weather page, standards, etc.
  • NASA home page - The United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration website includes space information for people of all ages, everything from research reports to images to fun activities for children
  • The Net Advance of Physics - browse for citations to physics review articles and tutorials; includes links on history of science

Current Contents

Updated weekly, Current Contents provides alerts with citations based on keyword searches or current journal tables of contents. You can set up customized alerts that will be sent via email. Please contact Emily Poworoznek to set up your alerts.