World War II

    Collections & Individual Items

    Bickford-Leary Family Letters, 1938-1945
    Maurice E. Bowes Papers, 1943-1993
    Joseph G. Caron Diary, 1941-1944
    Robert Otis Clement Papers, 1920-1953
    Martin Delbrouck Papers, 1942-1951
    Derby Department Store World War II Ration Records, 1943-1945
    H. Wentworth Eldredge Autobiography, 1987-1988
    Fred W. Hall Jr. Papers
    Margaret Carson Hubbard Papers, 1925-1976
    Charles Johnson Family Papers
    Frank J. Kudaroski, 1946-1947
    George Laderbush Papers, 1931-2010
    Edward Morgan Lewis, 1872-1936
    Frank Dow Merrill Papers, 1941-1948
    Elwin E. Muzzey Papers, 1943-1956
    New Hampshire Chapter of American Ex-Prisoners of War, Inc. Scrapbooks, 1982-1994
    Franklin Norvish Papers, 1939-2010
    Plymouth Press, 1942
    Portsmouth Council of Defense Records, 1942-1945
    Arthur H. Reynolds Papers, 1940s
    W. Albert Rill Papers, 1944-1945
    Ormond A. Roberts Papers, 1942-2000
    Roche Family Papers, 1916-1946
    Frank Everett and Roger Steele World War II Papers, 1942-1945
    Henry Bailey Stevens and Agnes Ryan Papers, 1891-1974
    George Rixse Thomas Letters, 1930-1955
    U.S. World War II Posters, 1939-1947
    Van Ackeren Family Papers, 1917-1953